Saturday, April 6, 2013

You Play the Game or the Game Plays You!

Its all fun and games until .. someone gets a mani-pedi!

Long day today. We hit like 6 stores looking for a new mattress and box spring, and we decided after all that to get the one we saw at the 1st store! ARRGGHH, If I'd have known that, I'd have stopped then and had a much more relaxing day. So now, tomorrow we will head back to the first place and actually PURCHASE said matrress and box spring, and hopefully get it delivered next week. I actually HURT my neck trying out one of the mattresses as the salesperson said, "I know its out of your price range and you don't want memory foam, but you HAVE to try this one!" I did and it felt like I was laying on cement pudding. NEVER AGAIN!

The weather actually seems like Spring now. I think it hit 52 today, though with the wind it was a bit gusty. Fall is still my favorite time of year, where its still shirt sleeves weather during the day but requires a hoodie at night. Just that brisky clean air to breath in and no sweating or shivering either!

I thought I had posted this caption awhile back, but I don't see it when I did a quick scan through the posts so I am glad that people will be looking at it now. Please peruse it first before reading my comments so you don't get any spoilers!

Anyway, I make many forced captions where people are changed against their will, or at least at first they are and then accept their fate. On this one, I tried to make it from a different mindset and have some fun with it, as it starts out as a typical Dee caption .. then has that little twist that takes it in a whole other direction. I think its related to another caption of mine, namely A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing? EWE Are Kidding Right? though this one wasn't played for laughs so much as a normal weekend fling between two consenting adults having fun pretending to not be having fun. Hell, I hope there are some people reading this here that do the same thing with their spouses, or something approaching it. (If you do, please write about it in the comments, as I'm sure its fascinating!)

I've done some kinky things in my life, but never have I had a situation anywhere near what is being played out in the caption .. I think that might be one of the reasons I (and perhaps others) like this caption so much. It works on quite a few layers. You get the sense of danger and worry in the first part as you read about a guy that is obviously being forced to do humiliating(?) things, then you get the juxtaposition when the role play falls apart of "hey! that might be fun!" and "this could actually happen if I found the right person!" I chose the model because not only was it fitting to my story, but her look didn't scream "WOMAN!" so she could blend into a crowd, making it seem all the more real, at least to me it does. I think that in this case, the story and the picture worked in tandem.

I am not sure if I'll post tomorrow. I guess it depends on what we have planned and how much we truly get done. Right now I just want to take a painkiller and chill out, maybe watch some Archer and laugh until I pass out!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How many of you have had one of those "up for anything" women in your life? Did you marry them or just sort of think back fondly about the kinky shit you two did? Was any TG scenarios ever brought up into your real life? Have they ever popped up years after the fact, like on Facebook or now married to the Police Chief or Mayor?


  1. Well, despite the impression I give on here, my irl sex life has been pretty vanilla. I've only slept with one woman and that was... yeah

    Still a neat cap ^_^

  2. HA! Great cap Dee. I believe the couple portrayed in this cap have a very healthy fantasy life and are lucky to be with each other.

    I guess I'd be somewhere between you and Kyra in terms of kinkiness. I only had one relationship where we shared our fantasies (mostly me tieing and binding and/or dominating her), but the relationship didn't last long enough to get into exploring said fantasies. So overall... vanilla. But a damned good vanilla... French Vanilla or New York Vanilla!

  3. Lovely caption with a nice twist.

    If being stroked in the back of a bar, just out of sight of the other people, counts as kinky, then yes (I was a few times happy I wore a longer coat). That girl had another quirk too, not kinky really, but that is to dear to me to share in public.

  4. Well, I've been kinky before, but usually as the one dishing it out as a Dom, never usually on the receiving end (though I have enjoyed being on the receiving end of some knife play in the past.) Hell, even the being tied up stuff was usually set up for me to "escape" and punish her for trying to dominate me.

    And yes Helena, that can be kinky. I remember when I was a teen, I got a hand job in front of my entire family on Christmas Eve. I had a pillow on my lap and she went underneath and YEE-HA! Even had an uncle tell me, "Boy Damien, you certainly got quiet there all of a sudden!"