Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Great Equalizer! A Discussion!

.. and we aren't talking about stereo equipment! Well, at least not today!

The caption above was written for Petra back a few years ago, when the whole JLA saga was going strong. The JustSluts League was the bimbo supoerheroes group, mostly Petra, Steffie, and BimboJessica Coyote (with side members like me and Jennifer) that would "do battle" with their arch villianess, Courtney and her army of cute, cuddly bunnies. Yes, extreme silliness and sexiness abounded throughout the Haven in those days! The fun was making each other laugh and squirm as need be, and mostly pillows were thrown at each other, though Courtney was known to be a mistress of the tickle fight!

For those who actually want to see a NEW caption that was made by Petra, head over to Caitlyn's blog where she's posted something that Pea made for her .. which my little note to her a few weeks ago apparently made her want to make something new!


TG captions are the great equalizer. It doesn't matter who you are (male, female, something in between) your age (teens through retired people) or where you are from (all over the world) if you like TG captions (or stories, discussions, pictures, etc ..) you are part of our little clique.

Lawyers, doctors, town and city officials, firefighters, policemen and soldiers, religious leaders, teachers, tons of web designers and computer programmers, bartenders, office workers, college students, and people from every other walk of life ... all represented here. I know of people in each category (and your secret stays with me!) and the sisterhood between us is wonderful. Perhaps its the anonymity that lets us be friends, regardless of our age, social standing, or location on a map .. but it probably goes deeper than that. This mutual interest leads us on a quest for knowledge and also for acceptance of who we are and what we feel like fundamentally.

Its fun too, as in real life, you could actually be my boss, berating me for my lack of vision or experience .. then I come home and make you a caption where I turn the table and change you into a sissy sucking my cock, and you LOVE the idea of it! If I TOLD you to suck my cock in the office, I'd probably be looking for a new job (and possibly a steak for my black eye!)

It also gives us a chance to escape the mundane. As mentioned above, that caption I wrote making that boss a sissy lets me blow off steam because I feel marginalized, while the boss that its written about loves the caption they received because they can blow off the stress that the pressures their job give them day after day. At my job, I am somewhere in the middle on the food chain, but in my home life, I have much too much control and responsibilities. While I don't mind at all, and often take control in the captions I make (and often receive) there is a welcome viewpoint when I get a caption in my trading folder that portrays me as a bimbo or with compulsions I can't control. Would I WANT that in my real life ... FUCK NO! .. but its a nice little breather and fantasy all wrapped into one.

Its something to think about, isn't it? Who is the real person behind the captioner that just made you a killer caption? or how the recipient viewing the caption goes about his daily routine.

For those of you that rule the roost, enjoy the power and wealth at your control ... those underneath you can probably tell that you are wearing garters and hose and that bra underneath your business suit .. they just haven't said anything out loud ... yet! ;)

DISCUSSION QUESTION: One day when you are bored at work, try to picture some TG caption scenarios as happening to you (or your boss) right there at that moment. Would it help you get through the day, or distract you too much? If you are unemployed at the moment, how about imagining its happening either at an old work environment or at a job interview!?


  1. Dee,

    You are so, so right about what you say about those of us in this community. And I say that as a sissy that you know as a sissy. But in my job, no one would know. and yet, I take pleasure in wondering in some moments of daily interaction what the person or persons I'm dealing with, whether above or below me, would think if they knew that under my suit I was wearing panties, garters and stockings. What would they think? It is such a fun diversion for me. And it does relieve stress. I also agree it is something that binds those of us in this community, although I don't call myself a captioner yet. But I do intend to go there. I just don't know when I'll get there.

    Nice thoughts you shared sweetie.



    1. Well there is something to be said for the submissive head space that people talk about that is peaceful and soothing, where your only concern is in pleasing the master/mistress. And since I've gotten to know you, sometimes I'll be out in public or dealing with people at work, I'll sit and wonder ... is HE a sissy or is SHE a Domme once the doors are closed and the day is done? It can certainly change your perspective when dealing with others!

  2. I've based captions on scenarios that have happened to me. One or two have been so true to the situation people have asked me if I actually experienced them (I won't say which.). I actually do a lot of brainstorming when I'm out and about and it's no different than when I normally write. A million and one ideas going light-speed through my mind. The interesting part is that most of the time I can share a private joke or thought with a co-worker. If it was inspired from the TG world I have to wait until I get home.

    1. I knew this about you as we've had conversations about this where we will pull things from what is happening in our lives and turn them into a caption.

      I know most people try to keep this part of their life and their real life compartmentalized, and I hope that they try to mix a little into each other. I'm not advocating wearing hose and heels to your son's Parent/Teacher conference, but a little fantasy now and again hasn't hurt anyone!

  3. Obviously I wasn't part of the JLA at the Haven, but I always loved reading the caps. This like many of the others is a fun great cap!

    What a lovely embracing welcoming write up Dee! I often wonder what the real lives of all my capping friends are. Do they go to class daily? Do they punch a clock at a manufacturing plant? Do they deliver the office mail? Do they run a business or manage a company? I'm reminded of a 'girl' that I played with over at D+X. She played her character wonderfully as a young flirty bimbo. She so nailed the personality that I just assumed that he was really a youngish college student. Only after playing with her for a long time did she admit that she was retired. I wonder how she pictured me in real life?

    I've only had a few occasions where I let my 'Caitlyn' life play out in my mind while I'm working as Calvin. And while it was enjoyable, it just took too much away from me enjoying the moment for what it was. I think overall it would be too distracting if I tried to do it on purpose, and since I pride myself on being a good worker (even in the shitty job I currently have), I'll not be trying this out.

    BTW... LOVE the song choice. It's one of those classic songs that I loved when it was out, and completely forgot about later. Hearing it agian takes me back, and since I've now listened to it a few times while typing this up, I went ahead and bought it at iTunes!

    1. Its one of those songs that I just picture another artist doing a cover of it .. in this case Trent Reznor and/or Nine Inch Nails. I remember when the Less Than Zero soundtrack came out and that Slayer was going to do "In A Gadda da Vida" by Iron Butterfly. When I finally heard the song, it almost EXACTLY matched what I thought it would sound like.

      And you do bring up a good point about how we are pictured in real life to others on here. I know someone that does role play as a eager to please, petite and busty bimbo and yet is probably one of the most menacing people you'd meet in real life at over 6'6" 250 pounds of macho manliness. People simply did NOT want to fuck with him, and online he was all "la la la la sunshine is warm! Oooo, more yummy guys with yummy dicks to suck!"

      I try to pay attention to life and will file moments away that happen where "Oh, this would make a great caption if THIS happened."

    2. A cover of "In A Gadda da Vida"!? By SLAYER!? Why haven't I been told about this earlier!!???!!

      *Runs off to listen to it, then runs back*

      Ah... well... to each their own. It's about what I expected... just in a bad way. I can picture a good remake of "Pressure" though... hopefully Trent likes to stop by here and you'll inspire him to make it!

  4. I loved your post. It was insightful and whimsical. Another Billy Joel song that fits with your topic is The Stranger...Considering that I have always had something of a hidden persona I've always wondered what if anything lay behind the masks of others. I suppose that some people are who they appear to be, but on at least some level I think everyone has a face that they hide away from the world. Trying to figure out what that face might be is interesting to think about.

  5. Whenever my mind wanders to transformation scenarios in the office, I always BLAME DEE!!! She is always instigating things and then acting all innocent, "oh I don't know what you are talking about." Why if I had a nickle for every time she put Steffie or Jess or me up to some crazy stunt, well then I'd probably be able to buy a really nice bottle of Scotch or Tequila (or lube). :P

    Thanks for posting the blast from the past Dee, and thanks for getting me to make that cap.


  6. Great and fun caption.
    I'm fortunate to work mostly with women, I wouldn't want to see them changed into men.
    Not so fortunate is that some are very open about their lives. From some of them I'd rather not have known what they are up to in their free time. But most of the things I get to hear are rather innocent.
    It's the people who don't reveal much about themselves I start to wonder about, and I always wonder: What do they see when they look at me?