Saturday, April 13, 2013

That's KNOT What I MEANT!

Its even funnier if you imagine Russell Crowe singing the words!

Long weekend already! We got out mattress at 8 AM sharp, installed and tested by the girlfriend about 30 seconds after the delivery guys left. Seems comfy which is a good thing since I seem to be coming down with something. My nose has been runny so I spent most of the day either in bed or up at the computer so that I can drain. At least Simone was on when I was awake. This cold though has hampered my plans of cleaning up the rest of the apartment and I hope it doesn't impact my work schedule this week either.

This caption is just standard fare, but always fun to make. Trickster beings are interesting characters .. I mean, Leprechauns in the Hood?? BRILLIANT! Perhaps someone out there know the answer to this question .. has there ever been a Kokopelli movie?

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Sorry for the lack of any sort of major discussion today but I am just going to head to the Haven to read the last for parts of the Deedee series in my folder that I've been meaning to read for like 3 days now .. then probably curl up with my tablet and read until I fall asleep, and hope this drip doesn't turn into a chest cold.

Since  I don't have much, I'll give you another song or two!

and one last one .. they actually call the tickets for the "T" in Boston "Charlie Cards" !!!


  1. Wel, if this is your standard work, you have high standards. But I guess everybody reading your blog on a regular basis knows that already.
    Great caption, and get well soon.

  2. I love Russell Crowe singing! And everyone knows better than to take a leprechaun's Lucky Charms, if ya know what I mean. Feel better Dee!