Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dammit Katie! Stop Smiling! .. and 2 million views!

You can't let them see you smile!

Please read the caption first so there are no spoilers in the discussion!
Made this one for Katie Mills as I was wandering around her trading folder on the Haven. Some of them looked promising, but I like to have a picture jump out at me and hand me the basis for the caption I want to create, and none of them did that UNTIL .. I noticed a bit of a problem I had. I described it in the post as follows:
I was looking through your photos in the trading folder and I kept having a problem with each one, which I finally decided to whip into a caption .. many of your models are extremely happy! I actually said, "STOP SMILING KATIE!!" so that twisted around into what I present to you here. I am not going to spoil it but I think you'll enjoy the ending!


Jeez, I just realized this is my 2nd caption for you that deals with the law. I honestly think it'd be hilarious if you were a lawyer or judge or something! Perhaps THIS was the reason your character in another caption I made for you was turned into a woman!
That whole STOP SMILING KATIE was the thunderbolt I needed, and this picture seemed the best one to work with since it seemed posed. The question of WHY someone would want her to not smile for the camera rolled around my head for about a minute when I thought, "I can sort of set this in one of her universes" and a lawsuit thrust itself into the plot which then wrote itself. I wasn't sure how to end it, when i said, "hmmmm, it would be nice if there was some sort of comeuppance for that sleazy lawyer .. bingo! or bimbo! Whatever that case may be!" That way the reader gets two for the price of one. Who says I don't give people value for their viewing dollar?!?


Now Katie isn't the only one smiling! Dee-lusions of Grandeur is going to reach 2 million hits in the next 8-10 hours or so and I couldn't be happier! Each half million plateau has taken less time and I guess that means that you, the readers, are enjoying the work I do and the spirit of friendship that hopefully pervades this whole blog. Here is the time table for this site:
  • First post :             August 5, 2010
  • 400k hits :             May 22, 2011
  • 1 million hits:       February 24, 2012
  • 1.5 million hits:    October 4, 2012
  • 2 million hits:       March 7, 2013
Back in the 1.5 million post, I said the following:
The main point of the post is to celebrate hitting 1.5 million views. The blog nailed 1 million views back at the end of February (18 months) and about 8 months later reached its current status. I am going to try to narrow the gap even further and hit 2 million within 6 months. We all need goals, and that is one I will be shooting for. Perhaps I will miss the target, but its worth the effort! Even better, the blog is almost at 1300 comments, so all told, we get about 4-5 comments per post!
I was talking out my ass thinking I could get to 2 million in 6 months, yet with your viewership, this blog was able to do it in FIVE months! Tremendous! More so, the blog has done a million page views in JUST over a year. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I wanted to use this blog to explain the goings on behind what a captioner does and why. I didn't expect much in the way of viewers, but overtime, I think its found its niche. Even better, I see lots of TG Caption Blogs that have taken inspiration from here and made their own sites unique and a place to visit daily. Its been a blast to watch, listen, and comment .. and I'm just getting started!


  1. Dee,

    I love the post and am just damned impressed with the speed that your blog has blossomed. As a fairly recent viewer, I can certainly understand why. Your content is always well thought out, and nearly always exceptional. So congratulations and I look forward to be around for your next 1 mil. In what? 2 months?



    1. I don't see a huge increase coming up. I think I'm at peak views now.

      At this pace, there is a SHOT that I could make another million by New Years Eve, but that is probably pushing things. Most likely I'm looking at 3 million views around this time next year.

      Thanks for being someone that consistently pops on and encourages me!

    2. You do realize I was joking. Right?

    3. Yes I did, but others aren't as swift on the uptake babe! I mean, SOME people think I'm outrageously charming and well mannered!

  2. Again, like on the Haven, I smile ear to ear at this caption.
    I congratulate you on your 2,000,000 milestone.
    Def Leppard is a good way to celebrate it.

    1. Well, PHOTOGRAPHS are what we need to create captions, otherwise they are EXTREMELY short stories!

    2. You are so right, on the other hand, I love the short stories of Frederic Brown, He could pull of writing extremely short stories without a picture. This comment is already longer than some of his work.

  3. Cute cap Dee.... that's a great way to deal with a smiling photo that I'll have to keep in mind. I'll often find a great photo and curse to myself 'Damn it, why does she have to look so happy!".

    And congrats on the milestone! I think where a lot of blogs have tons of 'fair weather' viewers that stop by when new dirty caps are posted, your audience is for more interested and invested to return, no matter what the subject matter of the cap is. Your steady increase in page views will surely continue... I expect you'll be at 2.5 million in a couple months!

    1. Are you suggesting my blog content is in the gutter Caitlyn? Well! I never!

    2. Its not in the gutter Leeanne. I consider it more of a sophisticated smut that appeals to the prurient interests ... and sissies seem to like it too!

      I just have to make sure I don't view your site at work. Then everyone would want to see it and I'd never get any work done!

    3. Are you suggesting that your blog content isn't in the gutter next to mine Leeanne!!? Well! I never!


  4. Thanks Dee, and I feel really good that my caption will mark such a HUGE milestone for your blog. I loved the caption. I guess there is a reason I am always smiling.

    Congratulations on a wonderful Milestone.

    xoxoxo Katie