Monday, February 11, 2013

So, THAT'S Canadian Health Care Regulations, eh?

Well, Clair is certainly going to be someone's awesome Canadian girlfriend!

Made this a few minutes ago for Clairbear, who is offering a Haven 2 for 1 deal on captions made by the 25th of February dealing with one of these four themes:
Theme 1. Catfish (pretending to be a girl for online dating sites) Scam gone wrong
Theme 2. A deal with a spirit gone wrong
Theme 3. forced to become a girl because of a new law or other type of order
Theme 4. Inadvertently Changed into a girl because of mistaken identity
The third one intrigued me because I know how much red tape and bureaucracy the government pumps out on a daily basis. I wonder if Clair will get a ton of captions with that theme, because its so ripe for clerical error or certain people using the law in ways it wasn't intended to be used. Hell, the old "blue laws" could come into effect somehow, where a piece of legislature passed 120 years ago but was never enforced .. UNTIL NOW!

I thought of how in the old days, you were an old maid if you hit 25 years old and weren't married with a child or two running around the house. I figured lowering the age to 21 would make it more of a deadline hassle for people ... sort of like how during Vietnam people would get married or try to get student deferment status. Guys that were close to the age would have to find a woman to have sex with so they wouldn't be converted.  From there, the twist came into my head and I immediately thought it was perfect. Non one reads the fine print with laws anyway, and there are usually riders involved giving members of the legislature pork barrel perks (in Canada, is it back bacon perks?)

It wasn't mentioned in the caption because there wasn't enough space, but another thought that occurred to me was that if SHE was the only person to have sex with a guy .. that dude might become a female too, since technically they could say that Clair was a "legal" woman, not an official woman as defined by birth, which could be some subsection of a clause added to the original document by some feminist prime minister!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What other laws could be enacted to change guys into members of the opposite sex? Should it be a dictator state or communist territory, or a freely elected government? List there here, or better yet, make a caption for Clairbear on the Haven and THEN post the law/statute here on my blog!


  1. I think I just found another reason to move to Canada. Well, of course, that's inferring that I've never... Even though, actually I haven't... Oh look, over there! It's A Boat.

  2. Very fun cap Dee! I think you're right... there is a lot of room for capping fun in the often confusing legalese of laws. I imagine there is plenty of room in the 906 pages of 'Obamacare'. Just to tie it into current times, say there is something about a company denying its female employees contraception, they have to spend a pre determined amount of time as a woman... if they can spend that time without getting pregnant, then they can safely and legally deny their female employee's those benefits.

    I believe the fun factor is far higher if it's a freely elected government. Dictatorships just seem too easy, where citizens are more responsible if hey elected the people that passed the laws.... 'You mean **I** OKed this law!!??!'

    1. That does make sense that it would be more fun if people realized they had voted for the law and that it was twisted around in such a way to cause their demise as a male.

  3. I like the part where it says: 'any male that hasn't satisfied a woman...'.
    That means not being a virgin is not enough.
    I know there will be less males left than most males expect, unless they start focussing on the pleasure of the women, instead of their focussing on their own.

    1. Well, I think that is one of the underlying themes, that if you aren't pleasuring women as a man, perhaps you can give and receive pleasure as a woman!

  4. Awesome cap Dee, I really liked the story. It was clever as usual. I enjoy the fact that there are laws that do this. Even if its only fantasy.

    xoxoxo Katie