Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Fashionable (Fe)Male on Display

Sometimes its the innocent ones that get in trouble!

Welcome to 2013 everyone! Seems an awful lot like 2012, though I'm sure it is going to be a great year for everyone I know! I even got new earrings to replace my tarnished old ones. Still the same nipple piercing though, since I'm quite fond of it! Who doesn't love hematite?

This caption is sort of an homage to the captions that Steffimarie used to make. They were usually pretty clean, though there could sometimes be an undercurrent of nasty lying underneath. It even has a redhead photo in it, just liked she used to use. Hell, she could've used this image before for all I know! I just saw the picture, and the story came to me instantly. That whole, "I am NOT wearing this!" and the "so you are going commando underneath?" response echoing from my curious mind.

This caption was posted in a trade folder for Wraithstrike, and one comment I got on it really made me smile. First off, it was from Sarine Davis, aka Belladonna from Fictionmania. Anytime she says something nice, I take note, as she writes some WONDERFUL stories with rich details. Her captions are pretty sweet too, but she is one of those people that can just make long stories interesting. I feel like condensing her ideas is just not doing them justice. Anyway, Sarine posted this in the comment section on the haven:
I loved the dialogue, as always with your work.
That made me gush a bit inside. Its making me gush again as I read it. Other than the fact that most of my captions are hard to define, other than "Dee-like" where when you read it, you just kind of KNOW that it was made by me .. I pride myself on making some of the best dialog in TG captions. I'd like to think its what I am known for when people actually think about my work, since otherwise I am more of a "jack of all trades, master of none" captioner. When someone else reinforces that thinking, and its someone I admire, wooohooo, it really gets the juices flowing!

Speaking of, I was nominated for a "Best Caption Blog" award on Courtney's Clean Caps TG blog! Since I forgot to send in my ballot, I KNOW that *I* didn't nominate myself so THANK you to whoever did so. Not sure if there is any actual voting, but being listed against Rebecca Molay and Smitty, Knight and Evie is quite the honor.

Also, for those like Leeanne who wanted to know if I did hit 100k in December .. YES! I JUST creeped over the threshold, with like 100, 064 hits in that month, beating my previous record by more than 7k. Thanks to everyone that helped push me over the limit!

I think I've posted this video before, but I wanted to put it up again for those that may have missed it the first time. When I first saw it as a child, I was SMITTEN with the whole idea of the video/song. Sometimes I wanted to be the "Rambo" character that was changed, and other times I wanted to be the Bonnie Tyler character doing the changing, after having been changed myself previously. Its gloriously 80's music and video, but who said that was a bad thing? Sometimes over the top is just where you NEED to be! Something tells me that Leeanne will LOVE this video!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: When reading TG stories and captions, what seems to be more intriguing to you .. when a character being changed is innocent of any wrong doing or guilty of something and being punished? Are they equal, or do you enjoy one more than the other? How does the characters previous behavior affect the way you read those captions or stories?


  1. Dear Dee,

    Have I mentioned to you that my real middle name is Dee? I don't know if that is a reason why I identify with your work, but I thought I'd mention it. The cap you posted was, as usual, excellent. But how did you know how much I loved that video? Seriously! Ever since I was a kid. I love Bonnie Tyler, but that woman! So beautiful , I wished I was her! So why did you think I'd like it?



    1. Well it is pretty obvious that the women in the video are dominant and looking for prey, and being forcefully marked with lipstick and led by a mistress to a dance club where you'll be exhibited is probably something that would send a tingle up your spine. Just call it a hunch!

  2. Fun cap Dee! I really enjoy those stories and caps that involve a turn around like that. "Hell no I'm not going to wear that!!.. oh what?| Hell YES I'm going to wear that!!"

    I'm not sure if you posted that video before. If you have, I don't recall watching it. Every time I see Bonnie Tyler I can't get the "Total Eclipse of the Heart" lyrics out of my head. For days. So... thanks for that :(

    I've always had a soft spot for the 'Good Guy in the wrong place" style caps, so I obviously enjoy the story of an innocent getting transformed as opposed to the guilty getting a well deserved punishment. When reading a story of an innocent being transformed, every little thing seems to come to life and be humiliating. Seeing himself dressed up for the first time, applying makeup, just simply being seen by a man as a woman... all of those send major shivers down my spine. And of course the sky is the limit as it can always progress down to further sexual humiliations.

    But when it's a guilty person being punished... the small details lose their spine tingling effect. It's almost like the transformation needs to be big and over the top to compensate for his guilt. I can still enjoy these stories, but as a good person myself (at least I hope I'm a good person!), I just can't sympathize or empathize with the main character as well.

    1. I THINK I posted it on the Haven, not here, since doing a search of the blog showed me no results. Sorry about the "Total Eclipse of the Heart" ear worm, but I can think of many worse things to have playing in your heard.

      I can understand why you like the "good guy in the wrong place" plot. I guess why I don't always like it is that I can often see myself in the role of the person DOING the transformation, and that when you go the GGITWP route the one controlling it is usually made to be evil or stupid (how can they NOT know the person wasn't at fault?) The best stories in the GGITWP sphere give the transformer at least a good motivation for doing what they do, even if its misguided.

      The way I usually deal with it is I will always soften the situation if its an innocent person, either with a happy ending or at least some comeuppance where their status is at least the same as before they were changed if not better. I try to save the Dante's Inferno retribution for those that deserve it!

    2. Heh... don't worry about the ear worm. You're right, there are worse songs to get stuck in my head. I had a week or two of Queen's "Somebody to Love" stuck in my head. It was only removed by getting Queen's "Killer Queen" to replace it... for another two weeks. "Total Eclipse" is still there, but it will pass soon enough.

      It's funny, I rarely associate with the antagonist in my own caps. Even when I'm writing for someone else, I fully associate with the protagonist. That might be because I think like you... the person doing the transforming has a dark or 'evil' streak in them that I can summarize and write about, but not associate with.

      I agree, the best GGITWP caps and stories have the transformer with good (although often misplaced) motivations. Like making a loved one's fantasy come true (even if the loved one can't admit to wanting it to come true), or experimenting (magic or tech), or even getting in trouble and needing to transform the person to save both of them. These story motivators are often the most emotionally moving stories, while the darker ones are often more 'Hawt' and erotic.

    3. The Queen songs that stick in my head as earworms are ... "Don't Stop Me Now!" the bassline from "Another One Bites the Dust" and just one little snippet ... "FLASH! WAAHHHAAAA!"

  3. Dee,

    People often praise me on the brevity of my captions, but you hit this one out of the park... You went straight for the jugular, and it works perfectly :) Steffi would be proud, and is!


    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Hope your little sabbatical has left you refreshed and ready to give the people what they want. Can't wait to see what you are going to do with the photo set of this model. Making faux Steffi captions in homage is one thing, but to see the actual person whip something up is certainly another!

    2. Aww shucks what a cute moment between the two of you :)