Tuesday, January 8, 2013

From Bookworm .. to Easy Reader?

I think Damien will be able to read her like a book now!

Made this one back a few years ago for Lyndee. She tends to like models with glasses so I've given her plenty of those since she joined the Haven a number of years ago. Its wordier than many of my more recent captions, and it has a standard narrative but I still think its concise enough to not overstay its welcome.  Just reading my original post, apparently I was home sick when making this caption, just like I was today. Stupid sinuses dripping napalm down my throat! I did get to talk to Rachel for over an hour though, so it was at least productive .. we are trying to figure out a way to make the Haven Quarterly look as good as when Steffie was making it. Anyone out there have much experience with Adobe InDesign? When it comes to desktop publishing, I am still using Microsoft Publisher, and it doesn't handle jpg's at the detailed level that we'd like to do for the next issue.

I got my first question from Wufoo today. I am going to take my time and answer it to the best of my ability. I think I've been asked a variation of the question somewhere, so I am going to try to research it out and see what I said then and try to update that information. If I HAVEN'T tackled it at all, I will write up something that hopefully satisfies the curiosity of the writer.

As for the caption I made for Leeanne, I figured I'd make her wait a bit to see what I came up with. Also, I'm not sure if I should leave it where it is or elaborate more. The way it ends now does leave much to the imagination, and if I wished to do a sequel, I could. Its still PG rated at this point, both in photo and in plot content, which I was trying to see if I can still get a "squirm" out of just the situation I put forth. We shall see if i succeeded in doing that!

No discussion question today ... just not feeling well enough to think of one. Just talk amongst yourselves and bask in the glory of early Morgan Freeman .. the original Easy Reader!


  1. I think I keep a folder of models with glasses for anytime I decide to create a caption for Lyndee... it's like her trademark. I guess my trademark is... idk, boobs?

    Great story in the caption. Might point out there was an overuse of commas, but that is my grammar bitch coming out. Oh, trademark...

    1. For you, I always thought your trademark was T-shirts and/or wordplay.

      I am always of the opinion that its better to have too many, rather than too few, commas in a sentence. Besides, the way I write them, I picture Orson Welles (or The Brain for comedic purposes) narrating my words. Each comma is merely a dramatic pause by the master of linguistics and diction (or a lab mouse that is trying to take over the world) and is exquisitely timed to perfection!

    2. Well, I suppose as long as you don't have too many periods you're fine :P

  2. Oh Dee, I really enjoyed this one very much so. Great work and sexy picture. ;)

  3. Wait, wait, wait there was a Freeman before THE M. FREEMAN?! I didn't know about that. Damn my youth!

    (Obviously I had no way of knowing about it *giggle*)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra