Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fixing what is broken .. TOOL TIME for Serena!

More power! *grunt grunt*

Please read the caption before the commentary lest I give out a spoiler or two.

This is one of my favorites of the last few months. From the picture, to the story, to the gradient background I tried to somewhat make look like wood, I am pretty pleased with this creation.

The moment I saw the picture, those three magic words (not quality, freshness, and flavor) popped into my head, and I just KNEW what it was going to be about. The "hard part" was getting the advertising copy to flow well, and not give away the punchline too quickly. It also wasn't a straight line to draw comparisons from woodworking / house flipping to TG tricks of the trade.

There have been manly shows like these for MANY years, from Yankee Workshop to American Restoration ..  and female relationship programs from Phil Donahue to Dr. Phil, but I don't THINK they've ever been combined .. UNTIL NOW! Who knows, there could be an actual audience for it! I seem to recall a TG story where characters from Home Improvement ended up swapping bodies, and I can't remember how it ended, though I think it was written in a style like the mind swapping episode of Gilligan's Island.

As I was writing this, Elise posted a comment at Rachel's Haven.  It made me squee!
Dee, you should be quite proud of yourself about this caption!  It is so creative and funny and just perfect!!  And I really really loved the shiny hose she's wearing. Ciao! Elise
I'm really glad that I don't put titles IN my captions, as I most likely would've had to use my zinger as the name of the caption, and once you've seen it, WHY BOTHER making the caption?

Overall, its making captions like this one that keeps me interested in making more. There are always times where you look at something you made and wonder if you are just going through the motions, because what you had in your mind wasn't executed the way you wanted. Then you make something that just picks up your spirits and turns out better than you expected and all is well with the world!


  1. Great caption Dee. While I didn't quite get 'wood' out of the gradient, it did fit the photo beautifully.

    I see what you are saying about the titles... the obvious title "This Old Spouse" certainly would have let the cat out of the bag too soon... but then again you could have hinted at it... a title like "On next weeks episode..." or even just 'Restoration'.

  2. Well, I tend to use gradients, and so I went with a "grain styled" gradient, but without the sharp rings of real wood. I was afraid that it would step on the text and make it harder to read. I know I could've found some wood background, but I needed to get the words out before I forgot them, and what I made seemed good enough for government work, so to speak.

    The title I came up with probably would've been used if I did put them into the caption. There was no way I was going to use zinger before its time .. sort of like Paul Masson!

  3. Great Caption, this could become a very funny series.
    and I wonder what advice Wilson would give.

  4. Dee, what a wonderful cap. And witty as well. Sometimes I think you can cut me with the sharpness of your wit. ;) But I really did enjoy the story and the image well, I have to agree with Elise. Love those legs..

    Sorry I have been a hermit for a couple of days. Feeling a little better.

    xoxoxo Katie

  5. Well, I suppose by now she knows the drill. No really, after the lessons she's learned, she may stop screwing around and get her relationship nice and level. And although I agree with Caitlyn about it being HARD to see the WOOD, you could probably just fix it by increasing the resolution from 2x4 (Really, I'm not bothered by it, but I couldn't resist the pun... maybe I'm trying to hard). Dee, I think you really nailed this one!

    1. Wow Kaitlyn! You should be beaming! You really hammered that point home, didn't you? Its plane to see that you put awl your effort into keeping me above board, and I must say that I was definitely riveted! I wonder if it wood work on your blog?

      PS. I am disappointed that no one used "stud" in their comments!

    2. Wow Dee, you're nuts if you think I didn't consider using "stud" as one of many well-crafted puns. I wouldn't just caulk it up to creativity, but before I strain myself doing heavy word-smithing, I need to bolt.