Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Don't Rip Her a New One .. You JUST Might Regret It!

She's so dull .. Rip her to shreds!

Made this one for Katie Mills, who has the Sugar and Spice TG caption site, recently featured on the followup to the Links Exchange. She recently discovered Rachel's Haven ... (which if you haven't been there yet, what the fuck are you waiting for huh?) and she sounds like she's a kid in a candy store! She made me a WIIIIIIDDDDDEEEE but good caption for a trade, and I decided to return the favor in her newly created trade folder. As many might recall, I LOVE doing captions for trade virgins, so I owed her one anyway .. figured I would get cracking on it since I had some time.
Well, I figured that if someone was going to break your caption folder cherry, it might as well be me! I think I've busted more than anyone, other than perhaps Bren. It doesn't hurt much though, you'll be begging for more captions from anyone like some sort of caption slut! You'll always remember your first though!
 Ahh, another deflowered Haven Trading Area member. I needed some "Dee Time" tonight as work was everything I knew it would be AND MORE! Think I need some sushi now to unwind!


  1. I will have many and really become the caption slut you're talking about. But there will always be a place in my heart for that first one. Thanks Dee

  2. I love the: "Everything will be fine as long as you didn't..." spin you put on captions, especially when the picture makes it clear that everything will not be going back to normal. And as for Katie, welcome to the family of Kaitlyn/Caitlyn/Katie ladies :P Hope to see some of your work over on the Haven too.

    1. Thanks I will be posting. Dee has it just about right when she says, kid in a candy store. I love the Haven.

    2. Glad you enjoyed that! I am a person that always used to jump to conclusions when I was younger, and often ended up shooting myself in the foot. To be honest, I could've seen the younger me doing this SO perhaps that came out when I was making this caption.

  3. Just a quickie to echo what others have said: I like this one. I, too, love the "jumping to conclusions" aspect of it and the way the image works with the story. It's the kind of story I like, I wish I could explain why!