Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shoe Shopping? Again?!?

Its fun once you get into the right frame of mind!

Did some shoe shopping for Christmas footwear with my daughter, and I don't think I've seen more heels in one spot than anywhere else I've ever seen! She got herself a nice pair of dress heels, and also a pair of moccasins for everyday use. Women DO wear sensible shoes sometimes!

I figure that if malls were smart, they'd have some sort of magical trigger to turn every guy walking in into a woman. There would probably be a lot more impulse buys. Hell, at Christmas Time, if they turned you into your spouse/girlfriend, then you'd be able to KNOW what size she is and pick out some clothing for a gift .. for you and for her!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you were female, what do you think would be the best (and worst) part about being a woman during the year end holidays? What traditions would stay the same, and what things would be totally different?


  1. Fun cap Dee! It looks like Ruby is in for a LOT of fun shopping with her wife!

    I'm not sure being female would change all that much at the holidays. But then again that would depend on how exactly a change happened. If I were born (or made to believe I was born) female, then I imagine I would have more 'fun' shopping. It's one of those unconscious social norms.... girls play with dolls, boys play with action figures. Girls play like they are a princess, while boys play like they are a football star. Girls are encouraged to go shopping while boys are encouraged to scoff and make fun of shopping.

    Of course this doesn't happen to everyone, and I (as a woman) may well still dislike shopping. But if I was just suddenly changed into a woman, I don't think the estrogen brings a desire for malls or a radar for sales with it.

    As for best/worst things... I think this is age dependant. For younger girls, I think the gifts actually work out better. Now a days girls get just as much electronics (iPods, phones, tablets...) as boys, but they also get more fun clothes, and even cars.

    A quick asside... of the boys and girls I've known that have recieved cars as a gift, the boys almost all got the family hand-me-down, while the girls have gotten new (or at least new-to-her used) cars. So the guys end up driving around in station wagons and beat up sedans, while the girls got cute compacts or coupes that better matched their personality.

    Back to the best/worst. When girls get older, I think the worst crops up here. Most women are the leaders in holiday planning. In my family holiday planning was always done with Grandma (before she passed on), my aunt, and my mother. Everything from decorations, to where the holiday gift exchanges and feasts will occur. And of course all the cooking/serving/cleaning. It's to the point that when my aunt and my mother pass on, all of our traditions will more than likely cease. My brothers and I will probably move to our wives' families for holiday tradition.

    1. Great answers, with some things I hadn't thought about. The planning in our family is pretty much .. We spend thanksgiving with my relatives, and we travel 200 miles each way to visit the GF's family on Christmas. Anything else is a decision by the family with me being the deciding vote.

      My daughter will be getting a 15 year old Toyota with 230k miles. Its what we can afford, and I got it cheap from a mechanic friend. Its all highway miles and the engine etc... has been taken care of. Its just the aesthetics of the car that are dreadful to look at! She's also getting a AAA membership for Christmas.