Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Bambino Dairy Farm

Milk .. It does a body good!

Someone commented on one of the first captions I had posted here on the blog .. Pregnancy .. in a Jiffy! posted in August of 2010, and originally traded with Jilly on Rachel's Haven back in October of 2008. On my last post, I mentioned heading back to the inactive section of the trading area, and wonder of wonders, someone (Maemi) posted that they wanted to come back into the active section after a hiatus .. and she posted a few new captions as well, perhaps to someone she owed.

I figured I would dig up another oldie but goodie from the darkives, and found this one from December 2008, a pregnancy caption for Preg Luv. With a name like that, I WONDER what she was interested in, huh? Well,  "Saggy breast, Sore nipples, Huge belly, Waddling to the bathroom every 5 min. -Sign me Up!" is right in her profile! She never commented on the caption from what I can see, but quite a few others did, so that was great.

Quote from: bimbojessica on December 28, 2008, 01:38:43 AM
*giggling*  wonderful cap, dee!! as usual - it's your fault entirely!
Well, being a goth and a witch is fun and all, but it doesn't quite pay the bills, ya know? All the women here that used to be men really sorta got freebies from me. They turn into beautiful woman and I only get the satisfaction of removing another male jerk from the gene pool.  It's REALLY good milk too!

And I am working on a line of pregnancy lingerie too! With these three perpetually pregnant women, and the others that will be created, I'll make a fortune! BWAH HA HA HA HA HA! Ok, you got me! I LIKE transforming guys into chicks!

 Honestly, often times the most fun is in the comment sections of the posts on the Haven.

Since I can't seem to find a reply from "Ben aka Rachel" .. I am going to do an offer to do a "re-caption" of this with new names replacing the "Danny, Benjamin, and Chris" and "Rachel, Danny, and Chrissy" with blog readers. So if you like pregnancy captions, and wish to be part of one, this is your chance .. and its not too hard to do!

(1) click on the label for "zero post" .. these are all the blog posts that have no comments on them .. and I think there might even be a pregnancy caption or two out of the ten or so listed.

(2) make a comment on a "zero post" that you like .. something a bit more than "I really like this!" Perhaps you'd even make a comment based on the discussion question? Since most of the "zero posts" are older, the comments won't show up right away, so don't worry if you don't see it right when you comment in the post, the older blog stuff is moderated to cut down on spam comments.

(3) make a post in the comments section here with your preferred "MALE" name and "FEMALE" name that you wish to see in the caption.

If I get more than 3 people, maybe I'll caption the extra people into another pregnancy caption. My goal is to get all the blog posts at least one comment. Hopefully I can get some pregnancy fans out of the woodwork!

As someone with offspring, just remember, you don't have a baby .. the baby has you!


  1. I love pregnancy caps! I want so badly to conceive, carry, and give birth to a child. To take part in that wonderful miracle that's denied to me due to the circumstances of my birth.

    That being said, this whole being turned into a permanently pregnant human cow thing. SUPER SEXY!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Since you commented on a zero post, I'll add you in when I re-jigger it.

      And as you called it, the "permanently pregnant human cow thing" might be more appealing to me than the actual whole "giving birth" part of pregnancy. There HAS to be a reason why women have that little biological clock that makes them want to have children (I know a few transgender people on hormones and THEY have that issue, especially when around babies.) If they ever come up with a drug that can cause insanity, I would assume the two biggest ingredients would be male AND female hormones!

  2. What my female husband wqnts for me. Which is exciting for me as I dream of ways I could carry our babies and breast feed them for years.

  3. I never comment but I just saw the lord Mike Patton. Good cap and awesome taste lol

  4. put more pregnant tg captions please

  5. I agree! I haveve two sexual fetishes which I think are extremely sexy and erotic. The first is the pregnancy fetish, which I think is extremely hot and arousing, but I
    do have certain rules regarding pregnant women. The first is their breasts must be
    covered. The second is that their private parts must be covered up. Other than that,
    I have no problems. My second sexual fetish is the human cow fetish, in which a nude,
    attractive girl is hooked up to a milking machine and forced to produce milk,