Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fuck off, eh? Take off!

Take off, you hoser! Its a beauty way to go!

Made this for Elly, whom I lost a particularly close fantasy football game to this past week. If it wasn't for Aaron Rodgers throwing for 6 friggin' touchdowns, I'd have won handily. Oh well, I am no longer in 1st place in the Haven Bowl league. Maybe I can put together another winning streak and move up the rankings again. Bren's team has been kicking ass the last few weeks, and I want to stay ahead of her at least!

The caption is pretty straight forward. I thought to myself, what could be worse than being turned into a woman .. of course! Being turned into a Canadian! The jokes themselves are pretty harmless, and I think it comes out of a politically correct society .. the only thing left to make fun of are blondes and Canadians . and mostly because people think they are harmless and docile. So they have poutine at most fast food restaurants, think Rush should have been in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 15 years ago, and "gifted" us Alan Thicke and Nickelback. They'll be the last ones laughing when Prime Minister Wayne Gretzky perfects his weather control device and ... I better keep quiet about what those wonderful Canucks are working on .. other than to say "Michael J. Fox in a Robocop suit". Perhaps I've already said too much?!?!

And yes, everything I ever learned about Canada came from Bob and Doug McKensie. I'm sure you'll all be happy to know that I resisted using the tired "aboot" thing instead of "about". Beauty eh?

DISCUSSION QUESTION: So did the last posting suck? Got a REAL lack of views and it could've been the slow weekend, but I think its the lowest viewed post in a few months. I was trying something a bit different, and was taking inspiration from Sara's Sissy Confessions. Maybe I just didn't do it right, or people didn't like the "gay' part in the advert?


  1. A Canadian!? NNNOOOOOOOooooOOOOOooooo!!!

    Though to be fair, everything I know about Canadians, I've learned from How I Met Your Mother. So probably not the most accurate wellspring of knowledge.

    As for your last post. I recall seeing it. I think I was still at work at the time. I was both bewildered by the advert (it is real right?) and enraptured by your write up about it. I truly couldn't think of anything else to say at the time. And then my car decided not to start after I stopped for gas on my way home, and I'm afraid I forgot about it.

    1. Yes, the advertisement IS real. I did absolutely nothing to it other than save it to my hard drive. As I had mentioned, it was during a time when I was making adverts for the Haven Quarterly. I thought I could drop a drag queen photo on top of the original .. but it was sooo good already.

      Sorry to hear about your car. I hope you get all your technology fixed in the upcoming weeks and months!

      I don't watch much TV anymore, other than Football, Food Network, and the History Channel. I'm sure I'd love How I Met Your Mother, but haven't seen the show yet. Maybe when it REALLY hits syndication big time i'll try to watch it more. I'm sure it does a great job of expounding on the Canadian experience well.

  2. The last post didn't suck, I just didn't really see what I could do with that image and the program I use. Even if I was better at photo shop really, I just didn't see anything that sparked a story for me. But I could see how someone else might Maybe. Just something light hearted.

    And this caption reminds me of the Canadian jokes on how I met your mother. *giggle* Least that's what popped into my head anyway.