Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Right Now!

We know you want to read this post .. RIGHT NOW!

Please read the caption first!

I lost for the first time this weekend in the Fantasy Football Haven Bowl, so now I'm 2-1. I will blame the referees for my loss, since TWO of my opponents wide receivers scored more than 30 fantasy points. Ask Green Bay or Baltimore or New England or Dallas or Houston how good the refs were in their games!

This caption is the payback for that loss to Jeannie. She has pretty easy preferences so it isn't hard to whip up something for her. I had this picture and thought it had the perfect, "what the fuck just happened?" quality to it and I figured it would be in an office environment. I thought the story is a nice little quickie, but with a possible twist at the end. Just because she's now a slutty little ditz, that doesn't mean that she can't be devious. Perhaps she won't get the promotion, but there is a chance that she can still stop him from getting it if she can delay him somehow LOL I also left it vague to whether she wears him out sexually, waits the 3 hours and uses the device to change herself back while he's passed out. Perhaps once SHE is back to normal, then his buddy will be the one to pay!

NOTE FOR KYRA: Here is a pretty good laptop for 349 dollars if you live near a Micro Center.:

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Did you see her possible deception, or did you just take it to be more bimbo blabbering about wanting to sex him up? What other scenarios would you come up with for this source photo?

Anyone good with making web video / slideshows? I have an idea for a TG type thing but not good at making videos. Perhaps making what I want to do into a powerpoint, then converting into an actual video? Message me at the Haven if you think you can do it, and we'll talk more about my idea. Perhaps if we find someone, we'll make a small project out of it with some contributors.


  1. I did see the deception, although being bimbo deception, you never know how it will turn out!

    I've given some thought to what I'd do for this photo, but in all honesty nothing comes to mind. My eyes tend to end up on her fingernails (after lingering over her breasts and lips for awhile!), but no story comes to mind.

    I think it's one of those photos that could be used for a lot of different ideas.

    Oh, and I sent you a PM with my video creation CV. It's not a great resume, but I have some experience.

    1. Yeah, sounds like we are on the same page.

  2. I have to admit, I missed the possible deception on my first read through. Though on a second look, her decent into slutty bimbodom is a bit rapid. Looking at her expression, i see someone annoyed that their friend thought turning them into a sexy babe would make them a cum starved slut as well.

    1. I can understand that .. I was doing it subtle, as in "fuck around for an hour or three and party" ... meaning if she fucks him silly, he won't make it to the interview AND wait out the recharge. Its because of that "an hour or three" that I hoped people might catch it.

    2. Aaargh! I just now noticed the note about the laptop and they're sold out :( .

      Thanks so much for thinking about me though, Dee!

  3. I just figured he was trying to stall the friend till the device recharged. He seemed pretty against everything up until that point, and the fact that he even said fuck around for an hour or 3 is a pretty big red flag. But, I did like that he was some what lucid, just kind of forgetful.

  4. ROFL Dee!!! That song was in my head as I opened your caption!