Saturday, August 25, 2012

Red Hot Oven .. Awaiting a Bun!

Pregnancy goodness ahead!

Its the weekend, and I wasn't feeling particularly well today, so I stayed home while my daughter went clothes shopping with my GF. Usually she doesn't like clothes shopping without me, but she's got a few bucks in her pocket and she wants to update her wardrobe a bit before school starts. Hopefully they won't get into any fights about what she's buying.

While they are doing that, I figured I would try to make some captions. I do not get enough time lately to make any, especially the amount that some other bloggers are cranking out. Perhaps I will make some more blog exclusives if I can, since I tend to wait until I owe people or just say, 'I'm going to caption SO-AND-SO because I want to!"

This caption is for Proarchangel and she doesn't mind BBW and pregnancy, so I figured I could make something that would satisfy her AND have another pregnancy caption here on the blog. Some people aren't into them, but those who are REALLY love them. I didn't want to make a forced one, so I might lose a few points for THAT portion of the scoring LOL

I also made a "latex" caption for Anastasia that guest stars some semi-famous latex wearing singer from Spain. I know I'm sure that at least TWO people will enjoy the caption! Perhaps I'll post it later tonight or early tomorrow. The weekends tend to be slow around TG Caption Blogs.

Speaking of, the new arrangement of putting most of the exposition behind a "click here" seems to be working out well as I can know tell how many times the actual post/caption is being viewed .. and its overwhelming! The previous 3 posts received approximately 200-300 views each according to the statistics. The last few posts done the new way have gotten at least 1100 and a max of over 1500 page clicks. I guess the irony of all that is I've barely gotten any comments! I know I haven't exactly given much in the way of discussion topics, but it IS still nice to get a "DEE! You make such awesome captions that I want you to have my babies, you evil genius!"

Since that worked well, is there anything else you think I should be doing here to keep up people's interest in what I'm doing? Blogs I may like that haven't listed on the side yet or plug-ins that could make wandering around my creative works easier? Let me know!

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  1. Dee,

    I won't really comment on the caption, as I am not really "into" either BBW or preggo :)

    But I did READ your exposition, and think it's a wonderful idea to put the expo after the page break... Wish I had thought of that! Now, the people that want to see your innermost thoughts still CAN, while those just interested in the captions don't feel like they have to "wade through" a bunch of text they don't really care about :)

    As I start expanding my own expositions, I think I will definitely go this route!

    I can't really think of any suggestions to improve your Blog... It's excellent as-is! You've just been hamstrung by being really busy...

    Just an FYI... I "follow" a LOT of Blogs... Over the past 5 days or so, almost everyone's production has been down, AND their comments. The only exceptions(s) have been the REALLY compulsive posters, and even they have experienced a bit of a "lull"...

    So, this might be a bad time to look at your stats and make any "conclusions" :)