Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jailbreak? Why would Kara want to leave?

Made this one about a week ago but just posted it tonight since Kara has been doing military security for the London Olympics. Figured that will be wrapping up at some point soon (Its 2 weeks right? I can't stand the Olympics so I haven't a clue!) and then she'll be able to see it. Kara likes to be strong and powerful and a real ass-kicker when she's changed into a female and retain most of her memory.

Those attributes are fun to work with, especially when you can find photos that lend themselves to her particular caption desires.As soon as I saw the picture, I knew it would be for Kara.

Originally, I had a Silence of the Lambs type idea in my head, with a "Clarise" looking for help with something and having Lecter swap their bodies, and either escape in her body or him making the swap to catch the criminal, to prove that no one can outsmart him.

The picture was going to be where the new Karise is talking to his old body about how freedom feels much better when you get it back after having it taken from you.

The photo could still work that way, but I got to thinking that the ambiance was very Arkham Asylum .. and if Kara was an inmate, she was so powerful there was NO REASON for her to want to escape. She could just get anyone to do what she wanted.

I needed someone to play off of that so in this caption, I am sort of taking the origin of Harley Quinn and reversing the sexes without the predisposed love of Joker. In this case, the psych doctor is going to become obsessed with pleasing Kara, and of course heads down the road to his own twisted transformation, one step at a time.

This is one time where I wish I had the patience and lack of brevity. as I think this would make a good TG story (perhaps it *IS* already one and I haven't officially stumbled upon it yet?) but I am not one for truly fleshing out anything substantial. Captions are the perfect medium for me, and I captured what I was trying to accomplish; that moment where things are truly going to change for both Kara and her new pet. Its just a shame that I probably won't give people the rest of the story, though I do reserve the right to perhaps illustrate another moment between the two.

I also like this version better than my original thought in that I set it up so that the reader can be *IN* the caption if they wish to do so. They can picture themselves speaking the dialog in white .. and perhaps they'll be able to write the rest of the story in their own minds. Maybe they'll tell me what happens in detail in the comments below? If you don't want to do that, tell me which version of the story you like better and why?


  1. I think the revised concept you ended up using is the stronger of the two. 

    It's a shame this one is done-in-one; like you said, this could certainly be used as the first in a series charting the doctor's descent into depravity, and the end comes too soon to "reward" the doctor's hubris. Besides, what came before was such a great read. 

    And I. Love. That. Photo. 

  2. I have to say you crafted a great caption Dee. Though for me is like you mixed Scarecrow and Poison Ivy, each one with their mental abilities and seductive powers, rather than the Joker or Harley Quinn. She doesn't seem all that wicked, but more knowing what she wants. Still all the people that ends in the Asylum are fucking crazy *giggle*

    I could go on and craft a backstory to it if that's what you wanted to do with the story, but I don't want to - try to - hinder an already good story. :)

    I must say Kara will be pleased when she returns from the games!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    1. I would say that Kara does sound like a mixture between Scarecrow and Poison Ivy with some Ra's Al Ghul as well when it comes to actual powers. My point is that I drew upon the origin story of Harley Quinn ("Mad Love" and how she relates to the Joker) to create the psych doctor. You can find out more at this link :

      I also tend not to do too many literal adaptions, prefering to have them flavor the sauce I'm not sure you could necessarily see the Batman influence unless I had spelled it out. Perhaps if I went with the Silence of the Lambs stuff, it might have been a more literal reading.

  3. Great cap Dee! While I would love to see what you do with a 'silence of the lambs' style cap, I think this premise works a lot better. I can imagine a series of caps based on this with Kara making new thralls whenever she can. Mmm... maybe she needs a roomie!

    1. Yeah, I might branch it out over time. I'm sure you already have a conversation in your head over what Kara would say to you to get you on board with her plans!

  4. Is there some subliminal message here about getting everything you need in prison? Cause Kara sure has it made! I'm always a fan of dialogue in a caption, and you used it beautifully here.

    Also, the lip syncing on the music video is bad... I mean Ashley Simpson bad. :P

  5. This is a fantastic caption and I really love it. Gave me a real boost to my flagging morale when I logged on and saw this waiting for me.
    I should be back soon and I hope to give you all the crazy tales then, but for now you've got my love for making me feel better after a lousy day!