Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Where to, Champ?" . "Havenbrook College?"

Wanted to post SOMETHING and not sure I'll be in the mood after the dentist appointment this afternoon after work .. and I really like this one so we'll get it as a blog exclusive.

the caption falls on the heels of the one I did for Steffi that was posted on Tuesday. I was still in the non-magical mindset and I was lazily looking through pictures that might stimulate a story.

When I saw the picture, I knew it was great for a 'realistic' caption since there wasn't an abundance of cleavage and she had a girl next door look about her. I had just had the whole Financial Aid discussion with my daughter, and FUCK! College has gotten WAY expensive. No wonder everyeone is in debt up to their eyeballs. Most people go to college so they can earn more yet they are saddled with 40-200k in loans before they even start a full-time career. Gone are the days when you could just cruize along with a liberal arts degree and figure out what you wanted to do with your life later on in your 30's or something like that.

Anyway, with that thought, and the other thought that she was thinking about a girls only college .. lead me to this caption. All I needed was a framing device to explain why the hell she was in the back seat. I didn't want to venture into a forced femme thing with a mother .. I mean, if you are a 19 year old boy, are you REALLY going to go along with that plan? I was trying to be as real as you can get in a TG caption, and a willing participant seemed like the best way to go. From there, a cab ride seemed the best idea. And for those who wonder how Leslie could get all that done in a 3 mile drive .. you really should do rush hour in DC, NY, Boston, or some other large city with lots of Colleges. He probably had 20 minutes if not more.

I am not sure I'll post tomorrow and if it'll be a Father's Day caption or something else. I should have something posted by Sunday though!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Hope you enjoyed this, and since its not posted anywhere else, I would like to see comments and discussions about THIS caption in the comment section. What did you like? Anything you didn't like? Would it have been better as a magic caption?


  1. I may want to learn more about how expensive college is in America. Over here right now the whole 100% for the first in my career is not that expensive is around 1400€ which should be around 1200$ or so... However university students pays the 10% of that for the enrollment taxes and now it's going to be changed to somewhat 15% to 25% so it's going to be really expensive around 134€ for starters and it could be worse next year.

    That and each year you advance it cost more!!! and also that's only true for those like me that have a scholarship. Otherwise you pay that sum in the first place or by installments.

    And the whole scholarship at 100% is 3500€ (not so much as you advance years though, materials and books are quite expensive too!)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    1. For a state school, like University of (Pick your State) it varies, but I believe its about 5,000 per year for a 2 year school, and around 9,000 per year for a 4 year college. Not very prestigious but a functional college degree. Masters and Phd levels are, of course, more money.

      Then you have private colleges and they are always more money. The one my daughter would LOVE to go to is about 30,000 a year plus dorm, food, etc ...

      Then you ave elite schools like Harvard which is approximately 54,000 a year, with Yale being about 50k. Stanford is also 54k, and MIT is around 40,000 without room and board.

      Sweetie, it sounds like you've got it made there! Especially since students have to buy books too and the average semester book bill comes to about 600-800 dollars.

    2. Ouh well that's for the Public University which tends to be better in most cases and have the University mark of Excellence (mine has) and Privates which cost more or less what you said tends to be on the watchout in Spain when dealing with "real jobs" like medicine or economics because there is the saying in here that whatever you have to pay for, is bound to have a cons in there. Usually the rich people just pays for the career and have an automatic successful grade, sad but true. This is even more true to those University bound to the Catholics.

      Everytime you hear them talking in public they are just making a mock of themselves, those people don't actually go to classes or if the professor is famous won't go either to teach haha. And they don't even know how to spell a difficult word, technical or wathever... TRUE!

      And I made it there through hard work and staying up late studying I can't go no less than a 7/10 and have more than two subjects with fail or I will lose my scholarship. For books and such. Well right now professors gave us photocopies or buy slightly expensive reading manuals (the most expensive cost me around 30€) and the most expensive book I had to buy was around 25€. In the first semester although I had several problems, due to a bad economy, the scholarship came very late (due to the change of government...) and then I didn't have problems. I believe I has cost me around 250€. Count to that the monthly metro card that cost each month 50€ (right now 60€) Yep! I don't even know how I made it, but I made it haha ;P

      So To summarize:

      There is public, which are run by the state.
      There is private which is run by a company, business and the administration in other cases too.
      There is Catholic private run by the Church of Spain

      I don't know if there are Elite universities here but you have Polytechnic of Madrid (similar to MIT school), the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics and Granada School of Medicine for some examples that I know. For a Jack of all trades that still holds the Mark Of excellence this one: Complutense University of Madrid, which the one I'm attending to right now :) and all of them publics!

      The difference is that public means "free", which is paid by the taxes of all people in Spain that pays taxes

      And private you pay 100% with you own money.

      And still the goverment calls me and all the true students lazy people! So that's why prices will rise this year and the next...

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. I think this is a really good cap. Good story matched up with a good image. I also think that you followed a good path for a non magical cap. How can you go wrong!?