Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ultimate Karaoke .. YOU ARE THE STAR!

This is the 15th caption I had ever made, which was about a week after I did my first one in a trade. Back then, I actually made more multi-panel series than I do now. This one tends to be more in line with what I do now. I'd really love to go back and set up the font shadow so the text would be more defined, but in a way, that would be 'Lucas'ing it AND I don't have the original PS file.

I really like the idea, and it was one that I had been intrigued about for many years as someone that did Karaoke a few times a week when I was younger, more single, and less parent. Occasionally when there weren't many people on a weeknight, the guy who ran the machine would offer "Russian Roulette Karaoke" where the X amount of people would be in a rotation .. he'd pop in a disc and pick a random song for the next person to sing. If you didn't know the song .. you were out! You could go from Paula Abdul to Bob Dylan to Madonna to Matchbox 20.

From there, I could just see, "what if the song you sang made you sound/appear/act like the act that made it famous?" That could lead to scenes where, "OH NO! That hot blonde at the bar is now the construction worker from the Village People! Not a big deal I guess because *I* look like Cyndi Lauper now!"

I like this "universe" and might revisit it somewhere down the line.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What song would YOU hope to get when you got up to do karaoke? Would you be better off to look like the person singing it, or the character the song is about? One of my choices is up above, I'll probably post some more in the comments later as I don't want to poison the well too much and influence you answers.

" .. and everyone is getting fat, except Mama Cass!"


  1. This is an intriguing concept you've come up with. I'd probably have my fingers crossed for a bubbly jpop song to come up. Though I would be happy winding up as any teenybopper popstar. I can't think of any performer in particular right now. I'll mull it over a bit.

  2. What a lovely concept for a caption. I'm actually quite jealous I didn't think of it myself :)

    I am a HUGE fan of female popstars, beginning with Britney, but I would have been thrilled to be Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore, etc... These days, Miley and Selena Gomez do the trick quite well for me :)

    Nice "blast from the past"... Thank you!

  3. Hmm... I have a problem picking out a song as I don't know lyrics very well. When I do seem to 'know' them, its because I looked them up! I also don't know many artists, or what they look like.

    But, I'm not going to whimp out. So I just pulled up my main iTunes playlist and started scrolling through the songs. If it was a female artist I checked her out, and if it was a song about a woman, I read up on the lyrics. I have come up with two.

    I would like to be the "Lady in Red" by Chris De Burgh.

    I would like to be Shirley Ann Manson from Garbage. Many of their songs would work too including "Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)", "Stupid Girl", "Androgyny", and even their new single "Automatic Systematic Habit"

    1. I'll be mulling this over a while yet, but I had to comment on your playlist - very similar to my sort of playlist. And Garbage were excellent in their day.

  4. As mentioned above, being Cyndi Lauper vintage 1983-1987 would be quite a bit of fun. On that path, being Nicki Minaj would be the equivolent today.

    I am trrying to pick artists that would actually be on Karaoke which rules out some females. Other people that could be fun would be Samantha Fox, Nancy Sinatra, Amy Lee from Eveanesence, Chrissie Hynde, Chaka Khan, Hayley Williams from Paramore, and 1970's Bette Midler.

    Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears would be interesting, but to me, they are already Drag Queen icons ... and this generations Cher and Stevie Nicks.

  5. Been mulling this over for a while. I love the concept of matching either the singer or the subject of the lyrics and so I wanted to be sure I chose something carefully rather than plumbing straight for whatever was in my head at the time.

    Having said that, I ended up plumbing for whatever was in my head at the time and working it through.

    So, I'd go with Mason feat. Roisin Murphy - Boadicea. I mean, Ms Murphy is pretty darn cool - she has all the traits I like in women (that's like rather than being attracted to) in that she is strong willed, talented and clever. She takes charge of her own life and has an image that suits her and in which she feels comfortable. These are things that I would like to feel.

    Failing that, I could see the attraction of being Boudicca too. She's a warrior queen of the Celts, the scariest and most outrageously frightening of the foes the Romans faced in their time. All that deliberately overblown death magic, which there was no way they could actually believe, and the massive propaganda. Couple that with ferocious and devoted warriors, burning three major cities to the ground (a two inch seam of ash and baked earth beneath London stands as testament to this woman's wrath) and you have a heady mix of confidence and comfort with her role. Who wouldn't want that kind of personality? Historically speaking, she'd likely be a redhead too, what's not to like?

    I like this Universe concept.