Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Won! I Won! ... Zero Post results!

Made this caption 18 months ago as a pay off for a fantasy football loss.  Thought it encapsulated the whole TG caption thing pretty nicely and also, sometimes its not a win-win situation.

For instance, I was hoping to give out 3 free issues of the Haven Quarterly, but I got only two responses WHICH I don't think is too bad. Honestly, I would bet that most of the commenters here at Dee-lusions of Grandeur probably contributed to the actual issues so they didn't need incentive.

The good news is that I hopefully will get them hooked on commenting in others blogs, especially when they see how awesome these issues are. The winners are Meridon and Foggy713. They'll have to comment here (or PM me on the Haven) on which issue they would like to own, and I'll set up the access. I don't think I need to mention that the PDF shouldn't be file-shared, right?

My contributions were of the following: 

Issue 3: a few advertisements scattered throughout the 92 pages! Plus an exclusive "Ask a Mistress" column which is one of the stranger things I've ever written.

Issue 2: I participated in a "one pic, many stories" caption where 5 captioners were given the same picture and told to make a caption however they wanted to do it. I made a really poignant one that Hollywood sort of stole for a recent Tom Hanks movie! I'm sure my version is sexier though! I also did a really sexy "Ask a Mistress" that ended up in the erotic naughty section!

Issue 1: I think I contributed the back cover of the magazine.

So if you haven't gotten a copy of any of these yet .. why haven't you? If you need one to complete your set .. go get one!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Work is finally going to slow down from FULL THROTTLE to something more manageable. I always hate this time of year there. I want some more TG/TF links to places I should be reading and enjoying, so what new or forgotten stuff have you been enjoying?  "Forever Changing" seems to be down now, so I lost a place that had many transformational stories .. any recommendations for some sites to replace it with?


  1. I cannot recommend sites, but I just found your cap sooooo hilarious I had to comment on it.

    It reminds me of those moments when you win a tiny prize from the lottery or just when you gain your money back and you feel exactly like that! :D

    I WON! I WON the first comment :P

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. Hi Dee,

    Thanks for running this contest and offering such a generous prize.

    I'll send you a PM on Rachel's Haven about my choice.