Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter Everyone! with Hooters!

Wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday weekend, whether you had Passover on Friday or Easter today. If you celebrate neither, than hope your weekend was filled with lots of Spring related activities, with the weather co-operating! Its been about 50-60 here in New England for the entire weekend, so YAY for us! Not quite bikini weather, but I love room temperature outside!

This weekend I cleaned the window screens, scrubbed the various fans we use during the summer, started to clean out the pantry and emergency food supply, and changed the locks on our front door. In a few hours, the family will be eating some ham, stuffing, etc ... at my Memere's, then watching the Red Sox lose again in Detroit.

Sometime this week, I will make another "tit for tat" themed post, as a few comments have spurned more thoughts on my part. Also I think a few "blog exclusive" captions might get posted.  Still more surprises coming, so please keep commenting!


  1. She certainly looks perky to me! Happy Easter Dee!

  2. Courtney looks awesome to me. However a Playboy bunny ourfit would be even better for Easter, or not? ;)