Thursday, April 26, 2012

Because You're Mine .. I Walk the Line

Won't have a full-fledged post since I'll be wandering off to watch the NFL Draft tonight in about 15 minutes. I did want to post something since it is going to be a busy weekend, so I might not get a chance to post something in the next few days.

I found this picture and was quite smitten with it to say the least. The pose really lead me to a cross-dressing caption thought, with her holding her ankle as if she was a bit uncomfortable, but she doesn't look unhappy. From there, it didn't take much to think of a "walk a mile in another person's shoes" idea, but I wanted it to have a pleasant ending. "Because your mine, I walk the line" popped into my head, as I'm a big fan of Johnny Cash. I didn't feel the need to work that into the caption, but it played a part of the creation, so titling it that seemed really natural.

Here is what I wrote in the post on the Haven:
Since you don't seem to mind straight up cross-dressing, I figured I would make you "The Man in Black (Heels)" but at least its an acceptable height .. for now at least!
On a side note, there is just something guttural and primal about Johnny Cash songs that draws me in. I was actually in a country western band when I was younger as it pretty much paid for the PA, microphones, and recording equipment for my punk band. Johnny Cash songs were never overly musical or hard to play, and sublimely repetitive, but they never droned on for me the way a Randy Travis did/does. That shuffling beat and basic bass line could just transport you to far away places that existed long ago.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What draws you into a TG caption blog the most? Is it the caption content? The discussion around the captions? The real life stuff? The design? Figured I'd ask since I had a captioner recently message me asking for some pointers.


  1. I hate straddling a fence like this, but I have to say all of the above. There are blogs that I frequent because of the captions. There are blogs I frequent because of the discussion. There are blogs I follow because of the real life portions. I don't believe I frequent any blogs simply due to the blogs design, but those that have a good design tend to also have well designed captions (and I'll frequent them for the captions).

    I think if I had to pick one thing though, it would be the discussions. My mood for caps and peeking (although can you call it peeking when they are flashing it on the net?) in on other's real life waxes and wanes, but I always like reading about the process or other things on peoples minds.

  2. Very nice cap! The picture is great and you've made excellent use of it to tell your story.

    I enjoy all kinds of blogs. I'm constantly delighted by the creativity of those who create captions and amazed at their ability to find appropriate pictures and come up with fun stories. I also enjoy real life discussions. Then, there are the fashion blogs that I've started to review, too. In fact, I've planning to write something about fashion blogs on my blogs, but I've been too busy looking at other peoples' blogs. :)

  3. I often look for quality of work and choice in images first when looking over a blog. I definitely take in subject/tropes into account as well. Most TG blogs are very zeroed into one concept so you'll only see one kind of story on them. If I don't want to see that type of story, then I won't bother with it.

    If I'm feeling adventurous and looking for something out my usual comfort zone, I look for prose of text and if the person has something to say. Some people might make excellent caps, but say absolutely nothing about them. They simply post the cap and nothing more. Other make commentary or have some unique hook to them. Those like you or Caitlyn have an excellent outlook by talking about the nuts and bolts of what goes into making your captions. Some others speak in a voice as their online alter ego. If they can do something unique and/or well, then it's a better chance I will give it a try.