Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Point of View

Still been swamped at work. Hopefully after Monday, things will be back to normal and/or even slower but I have a feeling that it will be busier than usual until June .. then hopefully a smooth and easy Summer ... though I have a feeling I'll be overhauling the website and other things as work tries to update its communications. Jeez, rereading this, no one people drink in bars when they talk about their days at work! Boring!

Here's a little something that hit me as I was looking at pictures to save for later captioning. I knew it wouldn't be for anyone in particular, and also that it would be a quickie .. so I whipped it up right away. I was looking for a bimbo image for another caption (I will post it here soon, I promise!) and this gave me a completely different vibe than what I wanted for that, BUT was good enough to work with.

This blog hit 200 followers the other day. I know its not officially 200 because there are a few porn spamming followers but its close enough for me. It took a few weeks to go from 198 to 200 so I'm not going to split hairs over a bit of a technicality.

To celebrate, I have a few issues of the Haven Quarterly to give out to a lucky reader or two, courtesy of Nadine. She was running a contest for someone to create a watermark for her captions. I made her three (none of which she chose by the way!) so she donated 30 dollars toward the upkeep of the Haven. Obviously, you must be a member of Rachel's Haven to receive a copy, and you can choose ANY of the issues .. so if you need volume 3 to complete your collection, ask for that one!

So, here's the fun part. I need the readers to hopefully come up with a good idea on how to give away two issues of the Haven Quarterly.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Should I run a contest? Something involving captions or comments? Picking a number from 1 to 100? Rock / Paper / Scissors / Lizard / Spock? The person with the best suggestion gets a copy of their choice of issues of Haven Quarterly. How am I going to pick the winner? Probably by putting on my Willie Wonka hat and acting as whimsical as possible!


  1. Well I would definitely avoid the rock/paper/scissors/lizard/Spock type of contest, mainly because I don't think I've ever heard of the /lizard/Spock part of that game. How would that work? But seriously though, I love the simplicity of this cap, and the picture works great with it. Keep up the good work

  2. If I'm correct the lizard/spock is a joke from Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory... or where I at least here it from :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. You are indeed correct Alectra. Someone else had invented it on the internet, but it was made famous when it was referenced by Sheldon in Big Bang Theory. Irony is, I haven't seen a full episode of that show. I found out about it through a T-shirt that Thinkgeek sells.

  4. I made some contests where I chose the winner from my point of view. It depends on the entries how hard it would be to pick a winner. I had run a monthly contest at the Haven and some months it was difficult to chose a winner and other months one entry was really outstanding.

    How to run a really fair contest isn't easy at all when people had to judge over the entries. But to chose a random entry as the winner...