Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life's No Longer a Drag .. or is it?

Life is a Cabaret old chum, Come to the Cabaret!

Figured I would post another recent caption since I had made some newer ones in the last week or so. I was looking for a picture to use for Sarine Davis (Belladonna on FM) and when I saw this photo, I had a really good idea for what I would do, as "my life has no drama" flashed in my head as a talking point.

From there, it was just fleshing it out. Sara makes such awesome long form fiction, and much to do with workplace situations, that I knew I needed to focus a bit of that into the caption. My hope is that someone sees this and thinks that I took one of her stories and did a short summary/synopsis in caption form.

I tried to add some little touches to make it more detailed. In the movie Cabaret, Liza's character's name is Sally Bowles, so Jay becomes Sara Bowles. Not sure if anyone caught it on the Haven, but I try to bring in some pop culture whenever I can. Of course, I love to put myself in captions as a method of change for others, so it made sense to co-star with Jay.

Not sure if I made it clear earlier, but I adore this picture. It has the "backstage" feel I was looking for, and even though its definitely a woman .. she has the exaggerated make-up, costume, and posture of a drag show star hanging out at the dressing room table after a encore performance. I definitely wouldn't have come up with this plot-line unless the photo inspired me to write it.

I wish it got more love on the Haven, but it often happens. You create something you really like, and something about it just doesn't really connect with people as it comes across their radar. Perhaps its because its in B&W, or they didn't like the drag aspect. I do think though that later on down the line, someone like Nadine will comment on it and it'll get a whole new set of eyes looking at it that might appreciate it more then.

The bastards at Youtube wouldn't let me embed the performance of Liza, so instead, I'll give you the Dresden Dolls performing "Mein Herr" in England a few years ago.


  1. I can see Sara's influence in the type of story you were telling. She crafts stories of forced decent into femininity that are second to none. It is a good picture and I think you did it justice. It might have been the black and white aspect (part of the reason I rarely use them) but it's worthy regardless.

  2. I know that B&W tend to work better when its a serious caption, and I often view them that way as well when writing (see my caption in the 2nd Haven Quarterly for another example) so I had a feeling that might be it.

    I think the "drag" aspect had a hand in the lack of comments on the Haven, which is a much more magic driven spot than the TG Blogs that I visit. I am sort of surprised that this post didn't get much response, though it finally seems to be moving up the "Dee-murely Popular" charts finally!