Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Welcome .. and you're welcome!

Here's a "lost caption" from 2009 that had never been posted anywhere on line until now. The staff and admins of the Haven were trying to figure out new ways to get freshly joined people more into the Haven, and ways to get lurkers out of their shells. This has long been a problem for many sites, including most of the TG blogs that are looking at their hit counters and wondering why the comments are so low.

One of my ideas, which was never implemented, was to make a boilerplate caption or two .. and the one that fit a persons profile the best would be sent to their private message inbox. We'd have some made up depending on some of the major draws of TG, like schoolgirl, BBW and pregnancy, bimbo, etc ... and we'd just plug in their male/female name.

The caption above is one of those boilerplate captions that I made. I can't find any others, so perhaps another staff person made a 2nd one, or the idea was dropped after just one? Another possibility is that I just recycled some of the others into a normal caption for someone else later on. Either way, the idea was to make something "generic" enough to fit the most widespread group of people that would be joining the Haven, while making it personalized enough that people would think it was just for them.

Yes I realize that the above description makes it sound like a TG form letter, but (1) there are a TON of people that have joined the Haven and continue to do so, and (2) no one gets paid to make captions .. could you imagine cranking out hundreds of captions for ANYONE that joined?

Long story short, we mostly worked on the Haven FAQ, and did some streamlining, all while keeping our core values and striving for continuing diversity along our previously designated matrices, while allowing for growth in unexpected allocated units.

This blog is slowly creeping up on 200 members, which is always a good sign. My goal is to always have more members than posts, so even a 1:1 ratio is ok. If it gets to a point where I've got 300 posts and 200 followers, I might have to readjust my goals or rethink what the impact the blog has on others. I also think I'm about 35k short of a million hits, so I'm guessing around the end of February, I'll hit that very cherished mark.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Since I've gotten a decent bump up in members over the last few weeks, I'd like to hear from some new arrivals, but  as usual, all visitors are welcome to comment. What is the most inviting aspect of this blog and what drew you to it?


  1. I've always enjoyed the breakdown of captioning and the stories behind it. Those things are my biggest draw for your blog.

    The lurking issue has always been an odd one to address, particularly with the haven. It often feels like 15-25% of the membership add content and interact while the remaining members sit in the shadows. It's frustrating because you KNOW someone is reading but not participating. It's a question many have tried to answer.

  2. What draws me to your blog?

    Well first of all, your question / answer (which I abuse! *giggle*)

    Then your ability to rationalize a cap or the subject behind it. I enjoy the wacky humour as well as the opportunity to learn more about Pop Culture from other countries. I also enjoy your "laidback talking" and teaching moments too!

    For me this a 101 TG cap Class and I about to get a Degree on Corruption and the perks and tricks about it *giggle*

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: By the way I like the overhaul done to your blog!