Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Breaker-Upper .. and an interactive MAD LIB!

Just wanted to post a caption, and get to the meat of the posting. Pretty much a standard caption. I liked making it because its a relatively novel idea, and its based off of a "rent a boyfriend" business I read about on Yahoo or some other place a few years ago. Its more of an above board escort service, where you can have a guy pretend to be your boyfriend while you parents are visiting, or use to him to make an ex jealous, or the "I've moved on Steven, shouldn't you?" I figured it needed a feminine touch, and it would certainly explain a few of the breakups I'd endured when *I* was younger!

Now on to what was posted in the title. I am not sure if I am stealing this from anyone .. if so .. OH WELL, as its such a great idea I wanted to do it here too! Anyway, my plan is to take an old caption, which I've already picked out, and turn it into a Mad Lib. I think most people remember this game from their youth .. where you pick a random word of a certain part of speech to fit in an already written story. The people offering the words have no idea what the story is about. Once its filled out, its read out loud, to comic effect hopefully.

Here is what I need from everyone, regardless of whether you are a captioner or not. I am going to list what I need, numbered from 1 to 23. In the comments, pick THREE of the numbers that haven't been taken in the comment section already .. and fill in your blanks. I'll plug the words into the caption, and post both the original and the newly made MAD LIB in a few days. I will try to keep popping in and updating the blog when I number is chosen, but I can't guarantee I can update it really quickly, so please look in the comments for the latest updates on what was taken.

1.  plural species of living creature (ie cats or plants, etc...)
2.  noun
3.  general location
4.  plural noun
5.  adjective
6.  body part
7.  adjective
8.  collective grouping (ie murder of crows, queue, etc..)
9.  number
10. authority figure
11. plural noun
12. verb
13. noun
14. noun
15. noun
16. plural noun
17. general location
18. verb (to something)
19. adjective
20. adverb (usually ends in ly)
21. verb
22. non-shoe article of clothing
23. general location

The above caption is NOT the caption I'll be posting. I don't think I've posted this caption to the blog, though I am not sure, and too lazy to look at everything I've posted here. There is no nudity in the caption, so its not overtly sexual, and the contents are definitely PG.

Lets see if we can have some fun!


  1. Great cap Dee. I don't think I've seen that idea before, but I'm sure it must be a fun job to have! I wonder if Steve needs someone to help out.

    And the Mad Lib idea sounds great Dee. I certainly haven't come across a TG Mad Lib ever. Heck, I haven't come across a NON TG Mad Lib in a long while. I'll go ahead and start:

    1. Ponies
    2. Table
    3. The Mall

    I'm not sure if 'The Mall' is to specific for a general location. If its not, just let me know and I'll get it right on the second try!

  2. If any of them don't fit, I'll re-ask the person that chose it originally.

    You don't have to choose 3 numbers in a row, by the way!

  3. 8 - flock of seagulls
    17 - at the beach
    22 - thong

    Gee I must really want it to be summer :p

  4. Gotcha!

    12. Run
    14. Hassock
    19. Pretty

    I want to see to the end of this! hehe

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  5. 9. thirteen
    10. Headmistress
    19. sharp

    13.notebook court

  7. Two more people can get in on the fun here!

  8. Funny

    7. surprising
    15. bike
    18. to neglect

    PS: adverb (usually ends in ly) ... reminds me of my English teacher.

  9. This is now closed. I jotted down the last few while at work, since it was better I didn't look at the caption too much and keep the mad libs fresh.

    I'll be putting all the words in and posting soon!