Monday, December 26, 2011

Dream a Little (perverted) Dream ..

This caption was made for Candy (aka One Eyed Pirate) and I wanted to post something that was a bit more hardcore today to balance out all the sweetness that the holidays sometimes causes. LOL Besides, steffiemarie said that SEX SELLS, so I guess I have got to get on the bandwagon!

I don't usually use pictures this explicit, but Candy likes hardcore images and story lines, so occasionally I have to step up and make something i usually wouldn't. Its not that I don't like using penetration and gyno type shots, its that most of them are too generic for me. I need something in the photo that will grab me, and tie the story into the picture. Most "money shots" are generally the same, and I could certainly write the same old, "he turned into a slut and here she is taking it in the ass ... enjoy!"

This was slightly different because I liked the composition of the shot, and her eyes were closed, implying some sort of "Omigod please tell me I'm dreaming!" type situation that people tend to find themselves in from time to time. Also, for the punchline, I needed a certain pose, and this works well in getting from A to B .. the look on her face corresponds well to the beginning, all the way down to her naughty bits, which coincides with the ending.

The irony in this is that I don't tend to make my writing any more or any less perverted regardless of what picture I use, though it does work more forcefully blunt here matched up to the photo. I left the whole things vague .. it COULD be just a dream, or Jeff could have changed in any number of different ways .. but it isn't important in the slightest to what is going on right at that point in time.

Hope everyone had a good holiday filled with family and friends. I did what I could to spread the cheer around to everyone that deserved it, and even for a few that didn't deserve it! I wandered around the internet looking and commenting on different TG blogs ... which was fun because I don't do nearly enough of that. Found some fun things to look at. Haven't made any new captions, and probably won't before the New Year, as I have various peoples floating around the house with vacation time. I should be at least posting though on this blog, either from here at home or at work.

I've also sent out the Christmas Goose pictures to those that asked. Check your email!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I've noticed that quite a few people are doing some overhauls on their TG blogs, like new backgrounds, pages that explain things, and other things to make it spiffier. Do you think this site needs anything added to it (other than tags for Feb 11-June 11)? What could I do to make this blog more Dee-lightful?


  1. Still enjoy reading this one & loved it. ^^

    By the way, stop by & say ahh since I joined the TG/TF blog army.

  2. Great cap Dee. Very dirty!

    As to your blog, I don't think it 'needs' anything at all. I stop by to join in the conversation, or at least add my voice to it. Maybe the thing you were working on... a guide to the 'just past beginner' capper as a page. But then again it could be a link to the post I'm sure you'll make on the Haven just as well.

  3. Now that is a naughty and hot caption Dee. I like how even with a hardcore image, you picked up a subtlety, which was the eyes closed bits. It's certainly a dirty dream I think Candy would love to wake up into.

    In terms of your blog I've always liked the layout of yours. The only thing I could possibly think to add, (and this is me just stretching the brain cells since you asked) would be something linked to your excellent discussion questions. You could create a sort of FAQ page where you copy and paste some of the more interesting elements of discussion or comments people have made, so you get a continuous discussion of TG capping and TG in general. (Hmmm, not sure if what I've said makes sense.)

  4. Lets avoid the smut shall we? *giggle*

    Nice cap Dee

    As for what you ask for adding a page... I think I'll agree with Evie that a page with terminous of TG elements would be great. That way for those that want to, start capping in a "serious" manner, would have something to grasp on.

    Sometimes is just so confusing to wander around some unexplored elements!...

    As well as you may, may! have some fun to tell us about Dementia and Dee Dee *giggle*

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra