Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Chemical Warfare" .. a guest caption!

I ended up with a question in my formspring from Simone .. well it wasn't exactly a question, but more of a followup to a question I had asked her on her blog about a week ago.
Turn About is Fair Play - Which of the captions I've done for you is your favorite and why?
Certainly is a fair question, so I went back into the archives. The one above is probably my favorite one.

Why? For quite a few reasons actually. First off, it has a pretty good sense of humor.  secondly, I look pretty friggin' hot. I have a gas mask that almost looks like that, and almost the same pentacle (though I'm not sure where it is now.)

Probably the main reason I like it though is due to its meta-ness. Its a caption for the REAL Damien/Dee, not for the Damien character that turns into Dee in captions on the Haven. Its the wink-and-nod to the existence of the Haven, and brings it to a hyper-reality. The plot mentions other people we know in the Haven, and references Simone's travels to Asia for business reasons. Its just fun all around.

The best part is that you don't really need to know any of the in-jokes for people to enjoy it.


  1. I coming across these pictures and saying "This is for dee, no one else." Then put them in my special folder for you. (I used to have folders for all my friends I cap regularly and you had a good pile of pics before I fried my HD)

    I'm a little surprised you picked this one, as I often wondered how you felt about it. I'm glad you did choose it, as my personal favorites are the "Pinky & Brain" spoof and the "Hottie Dogs" caption.

  2. @ Simone

    The "Hottie Dogs" one was the runner up. I chose this one because its closer to your current format. The story though was definitely top notch and fun!