Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Photoshop and "Wite Out" Conditions!

Figured I would post this since we recently had a discussion about a few programs used to make captions, and Steffie is probably the best Photoshopper out there, with perhaps Caitlyn a CLOSE second. At one point, Steffie had the moniker of "The Pantiless Picasso" as an alternate title in the Haven, back before she was an admin, and I think it fit her well.

I also wanted to get everyone's input on this caption I am posting below. Please click on it before continuing to read.

OK, so its your basic "Dee caption" right? Basic plot line and a bit of a zinger / wordplay at the end. So, what is the big deal?

Well, I didn't use Photoshop for it, yet it still looked like you typical "Dee caption" right?

I used a free photo program out there called "Pixbuilder Studio 2.0" which is in my opinion a slightly stripped down version of Photoshop. It has layers, filters, drop shadows, and most of the tools that you'd find in a Photoshop CS1 and below. It didn't take me too look to whip this caption up. It was mostly a "ok, I know how to do this in Photoshop, what do THEY call it?"

For those that are still using MS Paint (please say you aren't!!) or something similar, you can head here to download the program and play around with it. It is somewhat intuitive, especially if you've played around with other photo editing programs. It'll even OPEN Photoshop files, though it doesn't seem to retain Adobe's layer system.

OTHER NEWS: I have a few questions that people have asked on Formspring. I will be getting to that hopefully soon. I just got a 3 week supply of antibiotics for my latest Sinus Infection, and might be seeing a specialist if they can fit me in, once I am done with the med regimen. I'm sorry I haven't posted much, and the numbers are bearing out that we don't have as many visitors lately, though the encouraging thing is that we DO get many hits the 1st day I post something new.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Did you notice anything different about the second caption I had posted? I can only see SLIGHT differences between this one and the ton I've done in Photoshop. If something is glaring, please let me know. I was trying to show how good a caption can come out while using free software.


  1. The only major thing I noticed different was the shadow behind the text. It seemed to be less diffused than you normally do. And I didn't notice that until I read about it being a new program and took a closer look.

    I think I may grab this "Pixbuilder Studio 2.0" and give it a try.

    Oh, and I'm sorry to hear that you aren't at 100% yet Dee. I hope this round of antibiotics does it for you.

  2. I am not sure that you'll find it all that useful since you are a big time user of Photoshop.

    I am probably going to stick with CS1 as it is, since you found the one spot where it was obvious I wasn't using Photoshop, which is I didn't have as much control of the drop shadows in the new program.

    I must say though, that for someone that doesn't have Photoshop, its a DAMN good program. You certainly can't beat the price either!

  3. For the most part is look like what you can do with Quark and a bit more but otherwise I could give it a try ^-^

    The only thing I noticed and don't know if that was intented is that the text was a bit more obscure than your usual bright one. Still perfectly readable!.

    Get well soon Dee, we cannot live (in the blogger area) without your wise and funny Dee'scusions "giggle"

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra


    I had to laugh to the first one "giggle"

  4. For those that are young and never used typewriters .. Wite-out (and its derivatives) is technically white paint/nail polish that you would swipe over typos on the page. I believe that Wite-out is the brand name (aka Band-aid) so all the competitors call themselves "correction fluid" which is where the zinger comes in, "Katelyn now stands corrected." in such that the Wite-out corrected her gender (and made her REALLY white!)