Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We've Got It Maid .. yeah, i used that lame title!

This caption was made a few years ago for Cassandra (Angel Winddancer now apparently.). She had it posted in her "use these pictures to caption me" so I knew it was definitely up her alley.

I had some sort of inside joke going on with the post which I have no idea what it was about now (one of the things I had mentioned in the last post, what the hell was it about anyway?) Perhaps someone can remember what this was in reference to?

Yeah, I know ... it's a typical caption ... but it's for YOU, so it's ATYPICAL, since I've not made one like this ... FOR YOU!

Oh well, I'm hoping you will still like it cuz it's ... FOR YOU!!

I'm a really good salesperson huh? Perhaps by underselling it, you'll love it even more cuz it's ... FOR YOU!!!


Have I stressed enough yet that it's ... FOR YOU!!
Yeah, I'm totally stumped. Perhaps my mind is just on some sort of bimbo vacation or something. I'm relatively sure that what I typed in and what I had created for the caption had nothing to do with each other.

Anyway, on to the actual discussion of the caption.

I like the caption, even though it is quite derivative, used a supplied picture, and is not very original at all. Why do I like it then? Probably the same reason why most people watch the same type of sitcom, or read the same genre of books. Its familiar territory, a path that has been walked down upon many times. Its brain candy, and lets your mind shut down and work on a lower level. There is no hidden agenda, and you probably won't remember it the next day. Honestly, I can't recall a single thing about the creation of this caption.

We all need captions like this ... let me repeat that ... We all need to read AND write captions like this one. A caption that goes from point A to point B with no real variations, distractions, or shocks. You know exactly where its going and how its going to end.

They still have to look good, and have a plot and a resolution. But as a palate cleanser, this does a great job of distracting you from everyday life. Just sit back and picture yourself for a few minutes in her body, running on autopilot, and realizing the predicament you are in, trapped and unable to get things back to normal.

I know the dialog is cheesy, and probably borderline racist .. but damn it hits a humiliation button on me that takes my breath away. Perhaps it is because I am pretty verbose and semi-eloquent (when I'm not dropping F bombs) and being trapped in what everyone KNOWS is a horrible stereotype makes it even more delicious. Having to act in such an over the top manner just touches me in the right spot from time to time, whether it is changing positions with the asian girl at the nail salon, the spicy latina hairdresser, or the boy-crazy, gum-chewing, teenage sales clerk at Claire's or Rue 21.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: This caption might hit some of your buttons, but my question is ... what kind of straight-forward TG caption gives you such a visceral feeling of "OH YEAH!"?? One where it doesn't matter if it is witty, or clever, or creative. Is there something that almost ALWAYS get you thrilled to read? It doesn't have to be a genre or plot-line, but just an element that does it to you.


  1. I've done quite a few simple "button pushers." Maybe more then my fair share.. But I always like to think I can bring something new to the same old same old. I like those things and I can always try to think up a new situation, new added kink or fetish to the same things you may have seen and make it hit those buttons in just the right way! ^_^

    WEll, Humiliation of almost any kind gives me that "OH YEAH!!" Feeling. Something digs in deep and hurts it's so hot! But what element of a cap no matter what?

    I would say that element of showing that the new girl is a girl because that's what someone else wanted for me. Showing that they are all man/woman and took what they wanted from me or trusted this on the new me because I was in their way some how. Like kicking a pebble off of the path your walking Or taking you as their own. I guess a sort of insignificance of what YOU want, it only matter's what THEY want.

    I also like it when someone plays up the contrast of my new sissy self, vs their alpha male self. OR a completely in control girlfriend likes to gloat. I love gloating. heh.

  2. I love deep artistic creative captions I just want to stand up and applaud their brilliance! (Did I spell that right?) But I also love simple straight to the point push a button and run captions where the picture or situation just speaks to you and you don't have to think you just react and usually the reaction like you said is "Oh yeah" and you smile. Smiles are good! Not enough smiles these days.

    In fact after learning to be a beginner caption writer this past year or so going from 0 to a few hundred I found myself struggling to find "Meat" in subject to cap people. What I really needed was a few no thought reactionary caps so I started a section on the Haven in my gallery called "Gallery only caps" Many nights as I searched pictures I would see a pic that just "Spoke to me" and usually it was a look or something on the girls face or pose or something in the photo that just told the story .... a short story ..... a moment in time... no thought but it as Dee said let you not work or think but function on a different level and enjoy. I found I like doing and reading those as much as the deep ones the only difference from what Dee shared is some of THOSE stick in my mind more than others its just the perfect moment caught in time no burden of plot just ... there.

    Anyway after I started doing that I found I got a bit of my momentum back on the deeper ones. So now that I rambled so much .... was anything I said pertaining to the question? LOL...


  3. I'm not sure if there's anything specific that absolutely pushes my buttons. Perhaps a bimbo or teen cap but anything that's well written and well described will do it. I like stereotypes too but perhaps not like you've become a living stereotype and you're aware of it.

  4. I guess for a smile straightforward cap is the forced into sissydom by a man that you don't really know. The ones that hit that 'Oh Yeah' button are generally a guy crossdressing that gets caught by his sister's boyfriend.

    It's kind of strange though, as I don't like the theme nearly as much as a fleshed out cap.

    I think this is something that I need to do. I need to just go out and make some random quick capping equivalent of comedian one liners. My only problem is I hate giving something that is in any way 'Less' than my normal caps. And every time I try it, I keep writing and writing, then editing to get a more juicy beginning, then flesh out some details... and before I know it I've taken it into a longer detailed direction.

    And is it just me, or is anyone else now stuck with the image of the Kook-Aid glass picture guy breaking through the wall screaming 'OH YEAH!!!!"

  5. @ Caitlyn

    hahah! yeah.. Now I am! :P

    I felt the same way you did with those kind of caps. But when I did finally do a couple with the "less is more" Approach, I found I was proud that I gave it a shot and that it was actually not that bad cutting out a ton of details or story.

    I still find it a little bit hard to cut back,t it's just not my style. But I don't feel that those caps are anything less just because I put less text on the page.