Friday, July 8, 2011

The Lonely Staircase

The photo totally drove the whole idea of this caption. I love Urban Exploring, and envy those in Europe that have so many more cool old buildings than we do here, though being in New England is one of the best spots in the US for doing Urban Exploring.

For those that don't know, Urban Exploring is known in law enforcement circles as "Breaking and Entering" into a abandoned site/building and looking around and taking pictures. Unlike street gangs and wayward youth, we don't ever destroy or vandalize anything, and it pains me to see that when I am in an old space and there is evidence of that going on. There is so much beauty contained in old buildings, and there is definitely an aura about them that transcends time. It pains me to see such wonderful designs in architecture knocked down so that a lifeless parking garage can be erected.

Property owners and police do not want people wandering around as there is liability issues (and of course there are vandals looking to start fires and such) so everything must be done on the down low and secretive. Some places may even consider it a terrorist act because of where they are located. (For a wonderful story/adventure of the London Post Office Tunnels, go to )

Anyway, every building/site has a certain aura. Many of the places I've explored are former Mental Health Asylums and they can be some of the creepiest places you'll find, but also the internal structures have a wonderful design, often with sweeping staircases, and elegant stages/ballrooms with most having tunnels that connect one building to another as part of something called the Kirkbride Layout, which was made during the Victorian Age.

That feeling inspired this caption, but I wanted to turn it into an old elegant hotel. So many events happen in a hotel, both good and bad. Memories tend to happen daily and I figured I would tap into that. The building knew it was going to be demolished soon, but wanted one more moment of glory before colapsing in a cloud of dust. I did edit the photo a bit to emphasize the red hair and make the picture a tad bit gloomier, but not by much.

The caption ends abruptly, and that is by design. Most good spooky stories do .. like "and there, dangling from the door handle, was a bloody hook" or "the call is coming from inside the house!"

It does leave the ending somewhat open though. Is Shauna about to become a ghost bride? Is she going to be able to leave the building before it is demolished? Does the building have a groom in mind as well as a magical reception?

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What do YOU think happens at the end? Have you even gone Urban Exploring and what was the coolest place you've ever been? Any abandoned buildings you'd like to explore in your area?


  1. Nice story! Reminds me of the one old opera house caption I did. Though I don't think it was condemned, just haunted. I like how the building it self is doing it, and not just a spirit.

    The only place I've ever gotten to explore, was the oldest house here where I live. There was a huge fire years ago and most things were burned down, but this is the only thing left untouched, from fire, wrecking ball's, or vandals. it's held up remarkably well and they do take care of it.

    unfortunately, I think too many people took advantage of it and now it's closed caged off from anyone just stopping by to admire it's history. it's a really tiny house, with about 4 room's I think. I didn't stick around very long to see everything, despite how small it was.

    But All I really had to do was pass right through the middle of it, it's hallway was open on both ends so it was sort of like having an open porch right through your house. The ceiling was so small I could touch it with out standing on my tippy toe's or even wearing high heels! I had to duck underneath all the doorways, but it was a lot of fun seeing something practically stolen from the past. (I'm talking old west sort of stuff.)

    And as for the ending, I think Shauna will be let go once the ceremony is carried through. The building didn't seem to have any sort of evil intentions and just wanted to relieve it's glory days one last time.

  2. I haven't heard of Urban Exploring before but it sounds quite fun. I can't recall ever doing anything like it before though. As for the caption, I think Shauna becomes a ghost bride and fades away back into time.

  3. I think Tom's urban exploring buddy is going to come looking for him, and the hotel will realize that every bride needs a groom. And then as the construction workers come in to prep the building for demolition, they all become part of the hotel's last hurrah. Shauna will need a maid of honor, and bride's maids after all! Thinking of it that way... where is this hotel?

    The closest I've ever come to urban exploring was going to the sub basement in my highschool and finding the old nuclear fallout shelter. At first I thought it hadn't been seen to since the 50s (this was in the early 90s by the way), but then I found the previous day's newspaper. Oh well, it was still pretty cool.

  4. Uhmmm Urban exploring sounds fun!

    But in Spain there is no prob! if you enter an abandoned place, like an old Asylum (well apart from the fence or asking nicely you can get yourself inside) or an old village or an antique place, no, not that I can't remember that you would find troubles if you enter it ^-^

    I believe I have entered before with some friend in a old building (not so much of twenty or thirty years old) but soon we needed to go back as there was some debris in the floor and was becoming increasingly dangerous to explore it further...Kids...heh

    In fact there a some TV shows or radio shows in Spain that deals with the supernatural world and sometimes they have done Urban exploring...
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  5. Lovely picture. The contrast of the wreckage, the beauty, the classic bridal gown and the burgundy hair is striking.

    I wish it were me...

  6. Glad that most people seemed to like it, though 2 people voted to post less like this. Wonder why, as I thought it was a good little ghost story to tell around the campfire .. almost like something that would be done on "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" that was on Nickelodeon awhile back.

    Nice to see some varied responses to what happened to Shauna. I didn't have an ending in mind, so your guess is as good as mine!

    I was bitten by the Urban Exploring bug early. When I spent time in my youth down in Florida with my grandparents, There was an old Sugar Mill in the next town over. It was in the middle of the woods and was a "guided self-tour" so to speak as there were plaques placed around that described the different things to see. From there, anything abandoned intrigued me.

    I don't do much anymore, as the penalties for trespassing are much more severe now with so many people setting needless fires. The last time was an old abandoned amusement park, which we asked (and were granted permission) to take pictures of, since there wasn't much left to it, AND the land will soon be converted into condos.

    The best urban exploration sites are those that were pretty much left as they were when they were shut down. Finding old office or doctor's equipment, paperwork, and furniture is like traveling back in time.

  7. Wanna travel to the past? "giggle"

    I had the opportunity to visit a visigoths encampment where their houses used to be, it was in the open and people were free to takes pictures even enter those houses (what was left of it of course) and near that area a great castle or fortress (don't remember it right now) still fighting the past of time and also free to visit...
    And in another occassion i had the opportunity to sit in an amphitheater built by romans, how cool is that? ^-^
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra