Sunday, May 15, 2011

Queen of the Hive .. and Summertime!

I don't really want to DRONE on .. bwahahaha, but I like to make silly captions with lots of puns. When its cute, fun, and is still able to deliver on what people are looking for with their preferences, I feel like I've done my job. Of course, people like depravity and all that, sometimes you just want a chuckle and enjoy the image for what it is. I am not sure that you really could go over the top with that picture anyway, but it ties in well with what I was trying to do with the storyline. It was also the last (I think) of a few captions I owed Shauna Marie, so I got to run the gamut of emotions with my "production run". Did I miss many Bee related word-play? I am guessing that I got 95 percent, and other than listing songs by Stryper, I fit in what I think I could without forcing it.

The main reason I posted is that I wanted to see if Blogger was back to normal. It went bye-bye for a bit, which was only a few hours after I posted the last blog entry. Not sure how many people got to see it, as it seemed to appear and then disappear fairly regularly. Even when it was viewable, people weren't able to comment at all. I think we might be back to normal, though I don't see many others posting, unless that dashboard tool is still down as well? Feel free to post comments in the previous entry and anything else you'd like to talk about.

DISCUSSION: Its close to Summertime now, as evidenced by all the pollen those damn bees are moving around. When the weather gets nicer and life intrudes (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere,) do you plan to be creating/reading TG captions more or less during the next few months? I am trying to get a feel for how much I should update from June - August. Are you more available because school is off for the Summer, or busier because of fun activities you've got planned?


  1. I would say i'm more than available during vacations ^-^ lots of free time to do whatever i want, and one of those things that i enjoy is doing caps :3, of course i will try to look for a part time job, i need to occupy the mind on something :3 but to be sure i would go for 50% work and 50% free time, lets hope ^-^
    Till university that it's (if i pass my uni entrance exam test :3 next month)
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. Oh the puns the puns!!! ha ha
    I think summertime is going to be more active for me, not because of school - that's long gone- but because my outdoor hobbies will increase. But I will still read a lot of caps. I will try and make some too.

  3. I would normally say that this time of year leads me to more capping as I have the time. But both last year (my first summer 'capping') and this year I get very disinterested. Its frustrating that the desire to cap or even read caps isn't here anymore.

    As to your blog updates, I think you keep a pretty good pace right now. I think if you updated more, then some posts would move on with less comments, and I enjoy the comments as much as your posts.

    Next summer should be interesting as I will hopefully be gainfully employed in a career and not a 'still in school' job.

  4. Well, I asked because I wonder sometimes if I am posting too often ... and if people aren't going to be around as much, I was thinking about a schedule for the summer when it comes to this blog.

    Right now I am pretty much on a "every other day" type posting routine. Depending on comments and discussions, I'll see how that plays out. I don't think I'd do less than twice a week which would probably be some sort of posting schedule of Mon and Thurs or something like that. Of course, this also wouldn't be until the middle to end of June.

  5. I do fall out of capping around certain time's of the year. Not really sure why, but it's normally at the end of the year. But whether it's Summer, fall, winter or spring, My schedule is pretty empty. I keep busy around the house, gardening, cooking, capping, or hanging out at the haven.

    I would say just play it by ear, some people will be busy this summer, others will have more time. But all of them could probably sneak in a couple of minutes to check your blog from time to time.