Tuesday, May 3, 2011

necktie = noose = no longer hung

Posted this one back in January 2010 I think, and it was inspired by a dinner I had at Smokey Bones. Some guy had uttered the wish out loud, which I could hear a few tables away. Sounds like a decent wish to make, especially since I hate neckties. I have a Henry Rollins type neck and I have trouble breathing with collars and ties. Plus the fact is I still don't know how to tie a tie .. on the odd occasion that I HAVE to wear one, I have a few zipper ties that work wonderfully.

Since I had the idea, I just had to find the picture to match. This is one of those times when I had a ton of pictures to choose from when searching. That way I got to choose a picture where the expression worked well with what I wanted to portray. This is what most people would call a "win/win" caption, well at least for those that enjoy reading TG captions .. but I would bet at least 40 percent of normal guys would take this trade off in a heartbeat.

Thanks for those that posted links in the previous posts. I checked out some of them, and added links to the left hand side. A few I'm watching under blogger.

No discussion question today. I know there is one on queue in formspring which I will probably get to in a few days, so talk amongst yourselves. You could also post more discussion questions if you wish.

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