Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hot Rod Mama ... and 400k hits!

This is one of those captions that I had mentioned previously as one I really liked. It was a special birthday present for Petra, who I remember back when she first joined the haven. He captions are great, and as a person, she is wonderful, funny, sweet, and kinky ... and that puts her right at the top of my list for qualities in a friend.

Being that I am fond of her, it was both a blessing and a curse in making her a birthday caption. I wanted to make sure it was worthy of the occasion, and truthfully, I didn't want it to suck. I found the picture a few weeks before knowing that it was definitely "Pea worthy" and I made the lay-out when I found that picture. That way, all I would have to do is stare at it for inspiration and add the words when the muse struck me.

Somehow a few friends at work got my mind running about Urban Legends, and specifically ones about cars. From there, I found it really easy to get a bit silly and over the top with them in this caption. When I can push things past silly and into ludicrous ... I have fun in that zone, and Pea doesn't mind hanging out there either. I didn't have space to fit in all the legends, but I gave enough to get it where I wanted. At some point I will revisited the guy with the hook for a hand and weave that into a TG caption. I know I have one in me. LOL

Sorry I hadn't posted earlier. My social calendar was more full than I wanted it to be. Daughter was invited to TWO sweet 16 birthday parties for her friends (oh the social hell she'll be cast into if she wears the same outfit to more than one party!) and one of my longest running friendships (over 30 + years) son turned 8 so we had to do the whole cake and presents thing today. It was an easy gifting moment .. plenty of LEGO, Phineas and Ferb, and battle hamsters! Its weird cuz I had my daughter early, and all my friends are now having kids. They weren't too interested in Bday parties when WE were throwing them, but God Forbid if I can't make it to theirs!

Anyway, I pretended that the ice cream cake I was eating was in celebration of the blog reaching 400k page views, which should happen sometime tomorrow or Tuesday. At the current rate, we should hit half a million hits around my birthday which would totally rock.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What Urban Legends would make great ideas for TG captions? Have you seen any stories of captions based off them? Perhaps that would make a great idea for one of the Monthly Challenges on the Haven?


  1. This is a really great caption! Nicely written with the references to urban legends and into the very nice ending. Congrats on reaching four hundred thousand hits also.

  2. Congratulation on the Hit benchmark!
    I suppose the ultimate urban legend is the Ghost Story. And what happens when a person sees a ghost? Their hair turns white, or they age, or they die, or they begin having nightmares, or they get haunted, or nothing at all. But what if the supernatural powers of the ghost changes the form of the viewer in some other way? What if it makes the viewer look jest as the lady ghost did when she was alive? All the better to posses the viewers new body?

  3. What the hey!!! I post a comment, and then you post a whole new topic three minutes later! No fair Dee... no fair!

    I am not big into urban legends. In fact the only one that comes to mind is the partier waking up in a tub full of ice water with a note explaining that his kidneys have just been stolen.

    I don't think I've ever seen that as a cap, but I do recall seeing it as a good TG story. A guy keeps getting kidnapped and having changes done to him. The police don't believe him, and even the doctors think he is doing this to himself.

    OH... and Congrats on the hits!

  4. I never thought about using a urban legend for a caption, but I'm surprised i haven't. I'm a big fan of urban legends, And probably rented every book about them from the library when I was a kid. Giving a little reworking, you could probably turn a number of them into a TG caption.

    But, If i had to pick just one, I think I would go with a Japanese urban legend. I'm not to clear on the details, but I saw it in a movie about urban legends from japan. For what ever reason, while i watched the story unfold, I just got this feeling with a few tweeks, it could be made into tg tale.

    The star of the tale, or victim, had a job interview for a dress shop. the dress shop was empty, and as it turns out she was a ghost i believe and had been murdered in that store. I thought you could swap the murder for a tg angle, she is a new employee and is applying for the job at the dress shop. but as it turns out, she used to be a male employe and with a little bit of supernatural mischief, is changed.

    Kinda simple, but things like it, the red crayon, the girl in the window, bloody mary, the scarecrow, etc. You have quite a few that could be TG'ed. so I wouldn't mind seeing this as a contest at the haven.

  5. Speaking about Urban Legends, it reminds me of Supernatural a bit especially the first season. Much like Jennifer, I'ma big fan of urban legends and bourt a big book of them a few years ago and sometimes it terrifies me to read it. Can't think of any off the top of my head now but it could be a nice idea for a caption contest and if not I'm sure we could create some, heehee.