Thursday, April 14, 2011

You kneaded Me!

Going through some medical issues again this week, and with the pain killers starting to actually work finally, forgive me if I am a tad loopy in my writing tonight. I still wanted to post something though for people to chew on.

I like this caption because I think it has the right mix of revenge, but with an underlying sweetness. I also wrote it more like a story, almost to prove that I could do so if properly motivated. I think the induction/hypnosis was interesting and panty steaming, at least I hope that people thought that. Everyone needs to relax, and just melt into words and images.

I know I didn't leave a discussion question to the last caption. Was hoping people would just leave some general thoughts. You can certainly still comment there, and THANK you to Simone for her kind words.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Don't you think we need more hypnosis TG captions? What are some things that would make good ideas for future hypnosis captions?


  1. I always like hypnosis as a component of a caption as opposed to the entire catalysis for change. I love it as the element of mental change, more so for stories than captions. If you do it with more captions, I believe it's best to be used in series caps as opposed to single shot cap.

    Personally, i think hypnosis is best used in single caps when showing the after effects. A particular caption made for Courtney on the haven is one of the better examples of this (I forget the name, but it involved a male putting on make up claiming he was too macho to be hypnotized.).

  2. I like the sensual nature of most hypnosis caps, this one included. I picture the voice being soft and velvety smooth talking about these things that the transformee may (or may not) find repelling but the voice makes sound so beautifully and desirable.

    But while I like reading them, I find it harder to get drawn into hypnosis caps. I think part of it is the unrealistic use of a real therapy. I find it similar to putting makeup onto a big macho man that makes him a soft feminine looking woman. It would be wonderful if makeup alone could do that, but it just doesn't work like that. The same goes for hypnosis... at least to me. It would be wonderful if hypnosis could do that, but it just doesn't work that way. And I'm not even going into the physical changes.

    Mentally hypnosis works on two basic premises. The subject has to believe that hypnosis works, and they have to have at least a latent desire to draw upon. If the subject truly doesn't want to be a femme girly girl, then hypnosis can't 'make' them do it. Just like if someone doesn't truly want to quit smoking, then hypnosis can't make them do it.

    That being said, I like it when hypnosis is part of a magic cap. If magic is brought up, believability is immediately thrown out the window, so I don't struggle with it. And then I picture that soft sensual voice being part of the 'spell' or 'curse' or whatnot, transforming the person.

    So to answer your questions directly.. no, I don't think we need more hypnosis caps. I think we just need better overall hypnosis caps. As I don't travel the hypnosis highway, I haven't given the genre much forethought. But off the top of my head, I think it would be interesting if hypnosis were used in a more comparitive way. Instead of just saying 'you are light as a feather, and girly, and love men, and women are your friends...' it would be more like 'isn't she wonderful, and happy, and aren't you jealous of her, and wouldn't it be wonderful to be like her....'.

    I could see that making an interesting story.

  3. I enjoy hypnosis caps, i think that writing them is the fast way on changing someone, sometimes this come accompanied by submission, but that doesn't have to be tied at all, you can make a cap with hypnosis as the main theme but it could be like Caitlyn said, something more realistic, like getting to know his inner persona.

    I like to include in the "powers" of my persona Alectra when she is dominant a powerful and alluring voice that the victim cannot break, so sometimes the hypnosis theme is behind it.

    For example a guy goes to a psychologist to get some treatment because he finds himself lost in life, he is encountering some troubles that he cannot overcome as a guy (now we insert the female part of life inside his thoughts subtlely but surely, but like Simone said you have to make a series for that if not it would be "click" you are mine and that's not what i'm explaining here :3) then he is prompted to follow another path, something unexpected for him, try to be more sweet, more honest(this fit with the bad guy/good girl) or if the pyscologist is a wicked person fill this guy with dark thoughts (good guy/bad girl) or we could start talking about an actual transgenderism teraphy, though this one is less pursued by many people and hard to write if you don't have enough knowlegde on the matter...

    So normally i would stick with (insert magic / voice power/ object / loss of will / insecurity / etc. scenario) the first two scenarios

  4. Huh, I would have figured Caitlyn would be all over hypnosis caps with her affinity towards humiliation. Hypnosis caps seem perfect for that. Deep down inside you want to be dressed up and made to do things so it seems that hypnosis would be perfect for making that sub-conscious desire a reality. Oh well *crumples up the 15 panel cap I had made for Caitlyn focusing on hypnosis* ;) I guess we've finally found something that we don't 100% agree on Caitlyn.

    Seriously though, I love the idea of hypnosis and getting people to do the things that they didn't know they wanted to do. I think there are some great areas that have been covered many times and some that have been mostly unused. What I really want to see is a cap where someone goes to a hypnosis show and comes out a new woman so to speak.

    I particularly like hypnosis done for x-dressing caps. For me, it adds a bit of realism to the loss of control which is quite delicious. Blackmail is and guilt are great motivators, but there something special about someone else flipping switches in your head.

    For full blown changes, hypnosis seems like an add-on that, while potentially titillating, is a bit unnecessary. If you are already using magic to change someone physically, why does the mental change have to be through something mundane like hypnosis.

  5. Not a big fan of hypnosis unless it's accompanied with physical change probably because I'm not a cross dressing fan ..... most guys make ugly girls .... sorry..... MOST!.....

    Though if the hypnosis is combined with physical change to change the personality or humiliate ... yeah that would work


  6. OH.... your words inspired me with an idea for a cap...... watch the haven... hope you don't mind.....


  7. @ Dave

    I don't mind at all sweetie. Glad I could be your muse!

    @ the general public

    Magic is magic, but the energy required to work is draining. Hypnosis would help condition the mind, while the magic would change the body, which could be reinforced by the hypnosis. In that way, I think that magic and hypnosis could be used in tandem very effectively, if one was trying to rationalize TG captions LOL