Friday, April 22, 2011

Questions? We Want Answers!

Well, since we only got 2 questions, I made a caption for both people!
First up ... Davewashere25

have any of your dreams you had while sleeping inspired captions stories or your TG personality?
Unfortunately, I am barely ever able to remember my dreams, though it might be for the best. My mind is quite unique and I’m not sure I really WANT to know what my subconscious is up to.

Most of the time, my real life is what inspires captions, stories, and the way I present myself in the TG community. A phrase, something I see, or anything, no matter how boring or mundane can work itself into what I create. Many times, the captions I make are often based on context, and just a slight juxtaposition can make a TG moment snap with possibilities.

Just look around the next time you are in a public place like a Target or Walmart. Think about all the TG things that could happen there. Could you accidentally walk into the ladies room and upset a witch? Could a malevolent being swap the genders of the dressing rooms and you end up trying on a dress and heels? Are they offering samples of something with a cute salesperson that won’t take no for an answer? Does a dominating woman see that little peak of nylon between your pants leg and shoes, or the top of your panties? Not only does it make shopping fun but it can certainly jog your creative juices.

Next up .. is Alectra

When you are building characters in a story do you tend to follow basics archetypes and traits for them? or do you try not to fall in the usual blonde equal to Bimbo / Brunette equal to dark mistress types as examples?

I tend to use archetypes mainly because they are a setup that everyone knows up front, without having to elaborate. If I was writing a story, I could take the time to flesh out characters, but when you’ve got one panel, or even a few … its best to get right into the action. Besides, I can always allude or slightly reference something that is different than the established norm if need be. 

However, half the fun of using established stereotypes is then breaking them down and/or playing off them. Breaking the mould is good for having a “GOTCHA!” moment, and turning a situation on its ear. When you balance the two equally, it makes things highly unpredictable. THAT is really the best setup of all .. when a reader comes into a caption without preconceived notions of what is going to happen, or if they do, deflating the scenario that they expected.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How do YOU answer their questions?  I was searching for a picture for Dave's caption and found a ton I could have used, so I took one of the alternates and made a caption for Alectra. Do you think women in men's clothing is sexy? Just certain poses or articles worn? Please explain.


  1. Thanks Dee, i thought that adding too much stereotypes would make the cap too cliche and fall for itself, then again that idea of turning things around that stereotype sounds fun, like yeah i'm a sexy bimbo but who would have thought i can make a sexy mistress "giggle" yeah i think women in men's clothing are sexy, not sexualized clothes, just like the standard business outfit in a woman, wearing stilettos with low cut pants and a white t-shirt with a dress jacket this bring a vision of a woman in power :3
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. @ Alectra

    Just make sure that whatever you choose to do, that it fits the caption and makes it flow.

    As I mentioned above, cliches are only cliches if everything sticks to the script in every instance. Just a subtle tweak can make all the difference.

  3. "have any of your dreams you had while sleeping inspired captions stories or your TG personality?"

    I've never made a caption that was based on a dream really. But I have had TG dreams and have made a role play based on one of them.

    "When you are building characters in a story do you tend to follow basics archetypes and traits for them? or do you try not to fall in the usual blonde equal to Bimbo / Brunette equal to dark mistress types as examples?"

    I never think about making it follow some sort of formula, I just try to just make something that sort of feels like a moment in time for the situation presented in the cap. I try to play off of the emotions and dialog rather then just a blonde bimbo airhead that can't boil an egg.

    But I wouldn't say that's true for all of my caps. Sometimes it's not about the moment but more about the people in the story.

    And yeah, I like pictures of women in male clothes. I've liked just as many for the button up shirt she's wearing and nothing else, just as much I've enjoyed a picture that has a sexy pose of a girl in a fireman's outfit.

  4. @ Jennifer

    Women look much better in firefighter equipment than police gear, don't you think?

    Also, I remember there was a commercial in the late 80's / early 90's where the woman was wearing a mans shirt and hat, and gets a phone call and says, "I was just thinking about you". I thought it was sexy, then realized the double standard. Can you imagine the commercial with it reversed? "Oh Megan! I was just thinking about you!" while dressed in thigh highs and a little black dress?

  5. @ Dee
    MUCH better! Of course of any unisex profession, women look better in the outfits no matter what. heh

    I wouldn't want to imagine that commercial reversed.. unless of course the guy could completely pull off a nightie and stockings... If only most guys could make that work like most girls can. *sigh*

  6. To answer the dream question:

    I had one dream that inspired one of my favorite captions. Click Click Click. The dream wasn't detailed with a story really, just the sensations and sounds and feelings. I think I conveyed them fairly well into the cap.

    To answer the archetype question:

    I never give archetypes much thought. I've met far too many smart blond women to really play with that type of archetype. I would rather lend my depth to the characters I create. Obviously the main subject has the most depth, but even the sub characters have their own unexplored depth. Just a random example, if a mean 'boss' makes his partner into a sexy secretary I tend to look down the road of his character and imagine why he would want such a thing. I may not put that into the story, but it is there in my mind, and the character stays true to it.

    To answer the women in men's clothing question:

    I think that women in men's clothing CAN be sexy. A sexy looking woman looks sexy in just about everything she wears. From a leather dominatrix outfit, to a school girl's uniform, to jeans and a t-shirt. SHE is sexy, and not her clothes.