Monday, March 14, 2011

Sweet and Innocent Dee ... Bwahahahaha!

For some reason, I've got this reputation as someone that doesn't really get too extreme in their captions. I admit that I am not often a purveyor of smut, but I think the subject matter themselves often veer into some over-the-top moments. I wonder if my love of puns and not-so-clever wit end up making people underestimate my capacity for kink.

Whenever I tend to go extreme, I often use semi-normal pictures, and make the subject matter more intense. That way, people might not expect what is coming, and it ups the ante when the payoff strikes. Even someone that knows me well, like Petra, seems to be a bit shocked when I get into the gutter occasionally.

Here is a caption that I think is indicative of what I mean by an extreme caption with a relatively normal picture. Who am I kidding?!? It is a creepy picture but there is no real prurient nature to it. However, I took that creepiness and made what is perhaps my most directly disturbing caption I've ever made. Not sure I will really top it, and not sure I *want* to either. Luckily for me, Dave loved it.

Why am I bringing this up right now? Well, its mostly because Davewashere25 made me a caption recently, and I seem to be at my most Dee-vious when I am making captions for him.The above captions were all made for him, and I figure I will have to get in that mindset to make a return caption. I'm not there right now, so I am going to have to get into that mindset. When I do though, you really have to watch out. I think that is when "Mistress Dementia" really comes out to play.

DISCUSSION: Do certain people bring out different moods when you are capping for them? How do you get into the mindset to make a caption for that person, knowing what they like? I tend to find some pictures that fall into their preferences and see if I can FEEL the mood of those images, and let it feed me ideas, hoping I can get into that zone to let the story come out to its fullest, without me putting my judgement on it. How well are you able to let your mind wander out of its comfort zone?


  1. I tend to make my captions kind of dark. As for the pictures, I simply use what catches my eye. Often the story elements progress organically. Rarely have I ben asked to do a cap for another, but I like the idea.

    I very much like the first two captions you did this time.

  2. Really hot captions. Thank you!

  3. Great caps Dee! I remember when you posted the second one... it was the first time I saw you go quite so far into Kink. I've kept it in mind as it was pretty dark, erotic, and sexy. But at the same time it had that wonderfully fun word play. I've been circling that ideal for awhile... trying to be erotic and sexy while at the same time being humorous! And that last one.... C R E E P Y !!!

    I would say that different people do bring out different moods in me. When I write for certain people I tend to let the humiliation just fly. It feels both natural and appreciated. While others I feel more adventurous.... like I want to try something new with them. And of course others bring out a more sensual loving side from me (only recently has that come up).

    As to 'getting' into the mindset for these caps... well it works the same way that I get ready to cap anybody. I either AM ready, or I am NOT ready. I don't do anything externally to 'psyche up' for a special project, or special subject. It is just honestly how I feel when I cap these people.

    For example when I cap you, I might come across an image that tells me a great story, but it is something that I've done before and done well. So I feel that it isn't the right pic for you and just move on (although I am now trying to save these pics so that I can make that cap for someone else). Whenever I cap you, I feel that I want to do something new. It might not be new to you, or new to the capping world, but it is new to me.

    Now letting my mind wander.... that, to me, is what capping is all about. I rarely come into a capping situation with something already in mind. Oh sure, if I cap Petra, you can bet she (as well as I) will feel a certain rush. But I don't have the idea that she will continue taking small steps until she is transformed, or that she will get blackmailed by her wife into dressing up as a maid and sneaking into her bosses office. I get those ideas once I decide to cap her. And this is on purpose... I find that if I have a preconceived idea of how to go, it tends to fall flat. I'm getting better at it by taking several sessions (sometimes over days) to work on these ideas, but they still lack that really spontaneous feel to me.

  4. @ Geofrey

    Well, you should join Rachels Haven. Pretty much every caption I've posted in this blog was created for the Trading Area there. I don't usually make captions just for the sake of making captions, but for trades. People make a caption for me based on my preferences, and then I do the same for them.

  5. Some people push me one way or another with captions. Some also require more mental energy to cap for. Honestly, I think it comes from interaction with a person. If I know someone's mindset better, I feel I can get inside their minds and make more effective captions for them.

    There are a few people @ the haven that seem to bring out the more sinister writing element in me. Bren, Jennifer and Smitty a good examples. I often write stories for them that have darker edges and more wicked themes. Something in their preferences draws it out.

    There are also a few who bring out a very sentimental side when I do captions for them. Googs, Courtney and Sammie often get those from me.

    The few who bring out the more smutty side are those like Mei, JPL and One-Eyed Pirate. I do enjoy a good down right smutty caption, but i think there has to be a certain element to make it stand out from the rest. I like to try to see if I can add that element when i go there.