Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mindi and the Imp

This was a very bizarre picture that was in Mindi's folder, just waiting for someone to capture it. She assures us that it is a REAL picture and that there is a before and after shot somewhere. I took this as a challenge of course, and got to put my two cents in about thinking male vs female.

For instance, if guys think with their dicks, then those private parts are often very logical. They are the Mr. Spock of genitalia. Guys tend to also think rationally, and when they don't, it is still goal oriented. Just like in sex, the thinking is often brute force, penetrating, and blunt ... everything tends to be out in the open, just like the genitals.

However, with women, the thinking always has something just below the surface that needs to be probed. The sex organs are also that way, there needs to be a feeling out to get them in just the right spot. Just the wrong move and you've lost it, which is exactly like how quickly moods can change the ideas brought from the woman's mind ON A DIME. Women are like Captain Kirk, impulsive, focused on winning no matter what the damage, and let emotions rule the day. Screw the rules, I am doing it MY way.

So anyway, seeing that picture made me think of Brainiac and aliens with big cranial capacities. That became an easy way of explaining why she looked like that. I definitely wanted to use a different source of change too.  As I wrote in this posting on Rachels Haven .. "PS how come we don't use Imps in general for our captions? We've got werewolves, witches, gypsies, chaos pixies, bunnies, goth girls, ghost possessions, etc ... how about some caption love for Imps?"

 DISCUSSION QUESTION: What other ways do men and women process information differently? What would be some good ones that might make great TG captions? Perhaps I'll whip up an exclusive caption for the blog if someone posts a juicy and delicious one here in the comments section.


  1. The first thing that comes to mind when I think male/female differences is hormones. Women's monthly cycle sends out many hormones in so many different amounts and combinations. Many of these hormones alter the thinking process. So day to day, a woman's 'thinking' can change. Paranoid schizophrenic one day, and sweet as apple pie the next.

  2. Sorry to pop in so rudely... I just found your blog, and this is some very nice work. You should stop by mine sometime to chat. Talk to you soon!

  3. OK. SO I thought I had actually posted this already. I could have swore I even saw my post show up on your blog, but for what ever reason, it's not here now. So lets try again.

    My original post dealt with how women hold grudges for things that most guys wouldn't have even had a problem with five seconds after it happens. Like forgetting some important date or leaving the toilet seat up. heh.

    All of the women in my family do this. in fact, just tonight I got a speech about how my dad is still paying for stuff he has no idea he's even in trouble for! And though he's done a lot to get that sort of treatment, most of what he pays for is very small things.

    For example, forgetting to pick something up at the store. Guys wouldn't even get upset over something like that, but I can't tell you how many fights have broke out over something that small. Not just here at my house, but at my grandma's too.

    So I would go with that. Even though I might be guilty of the same thing... >_>