Friday, March 18, 2011

Invasion of the Body Snatches!

Got a question from Formspring for discussion:

What mainstream movie scenario would make for an interesting TG themed story?

Well I think that just about any mainstream movie has elements that can work in a TG caption. The above example fits into that mode, as well as many others I've created, including ones you wouldn't think of, like The Shining and Chinatown.

It would probably be harder to make a TG story that follows the plot closely though. I would think that Sci-fi movies would lend itself best to a TG treatment. From what I hear, Inception would be great fodder for a TG adaption. Now that I think about it, The Wizard of Oz could be interesting if someone decided to play around with the plot. There is a standard TG plot that is also based on Pygmalion aka My Fair Lady.

I am sad that I can't really give this question the type of answer I should, since my ADD seems to keep me from really watching many recent movies. I know them based on synopsis and pop culture references, but I think I've seen maybe 5 movies in the theater these last 15 years.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Which movie do you think has influenced the most TG Captions and/or stories? What movies would make the best TG story if the plot was reused with some minor corrections?


  1. I don't know which movie would be the most influential on caps, but for recent movies several come to mind. And I agree... science fiction seems to lend itself wonderfully to TG caps.

    Surrogates (the perfect example of a body suit fantasy)

    Alice in Wonderland (lost in a new world and exploring the 'new' you)

    The Hangover (waking up and trying to figure out what happened last night)

    Repo Men (life like dream sequences)

  2. love the caps, hon!

    to answer the first question, i really think that has influenced more caps than others would have to be alice in wonderland. no matter the version of the movie, there is something about being a girl in a surreal setting that excites a lot of us...

    to answer the second question, science fiction movies tend to get a lot of caps because it is a great vehicle. however, i would love so see "chick flicks" get some more love! the sweetest thing would be a perfect treasure trove for the right creative mind...

  3. Of course I have to agree with Alice in wonderland being great fodder for TG caps. I'm doing it right now! lol

    Sci-fi is the most common it seems, but I usually try to give it a horror spin. They are never really scary and I don't want them to be, but If I draw any inspiration from a certain theme, it's horror.

    I did a caption that was based off of hostel, (with out all the death of course..) twilight zone, and have wrote up plenty of of caps to horror themed music. Like the nightmare on elm street theme, Halloween's theme, Saw's theme, Haunted house by spf 1000, My little box by john frizzell, Cure by Wild Colonials and Nightmare by avenged 7 fold.

    I think music help's me set the mood and get the right amount of tension and the right feeling for darker stuff.

    As far as what movie has inspired the most TG captions out there.. umm, I don't know.. But Total recall would work for a TG cap.

    And I have only seen 5 movies in the theater. Ever... Ghost busters, But I was very very young, Teenage mutant ninja turtles, batman returns, independence day, and anaconda. (I love giant snake flicks)