Saturday, February 19, 2011

Taylor Meets Parentals .. and We've Got Queries!

Well, the blog is closing in on 69 followers. Great to see that, and I hope you all keep coming back! Not much to really say about the caption, as it is straight forward. I am going to try to post at least one caption or image for every blog entry I make. Onto the questions asked, which is technically ONE question asked both ways:

Assuming these were your only two options: Would you prefer to be 'owned' by a man, or a woman?

Sexually, I have no desire to be with any sort of man. That would definitely keep me from being owned by a man I would think. Also, I tend to view other guys as either equals or lesser than me, and I can’t think of too many men that I look at and say, “that dude is so much better than me in every way.” Even when they have a much better life, more money, good job, etc .. I will just say that they lucked out and if I had their opportunities, I would be even more successful then them!

So, that leaves a woman, huh? It could be nice to be “owned” for a bit. I don’t see it happening though. I tend to have strong opinions, and function much better when I am left alone to my own devices. Telling me what to do, and what NOT to do is not really a recipe for success, or harmony for that matter.

And on the opposite side: Would you prefer to own a man or a woman?

See above for the part about not sexually desiring a man in the slightest. I guess it could be good to have a guy around to shovel the driveway or fix the car, but it isn’t like *I* can’t necessarily do it. Besides, I can just let my daughter dominate her boyfriend into helping me instead.

I’d much rather “own” a woman if it came down to me being owned by a woman or me owning a woman. I pretty much am the boss of the apartment and all those that live here use me as guidance and counsel. Do they always listen to what I say? Nah, especially with the previously mentioned daughter being all “teenage angst” but in general, I am listened to in the household. Most decisions are made by me, after discussion and debate are instigated. I am typically the one in control though, unless I voluntarily give up that control temporarily.

I am not sure how else I could answer these questions without looking like a complete asshole LOL

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Go ahead, everyone. Tell us how you'd answer these questions. Perhaps my answers were boring, but that is how I feel. 


  1. How would I answer the question? :D

    When it comes to "Assuming these were your only two options: Would you prefer to be 'owned' by a man, or a woman?"

    I would chose a woman hands down! I never really had to think about Man or Woman, I always preferred a Mistress. Despite my fetish.. That stuff is only Fantasy's for erotic captions and role plays.. I love a strong woman and of course I would love to have a Mistress of my own.

    As Far as would I own a male or female slave? Umm.. I wouldn't want to own anyone, Just playing a Domme like character in a role play can be draining on me. But If I had to pick one, It would be a female slave. I do love strong women, but a sub can also have a lot of strength in them as well.

    I could probably go on and on.. ^_^ But I think I should keep it short and sweet.

  2. I think I would have to answer this a couple different ways. In all reality I wouldn't want to be owned or own anybody. For the most part I prefer the company of equals. So in this reality if I had only the listed options and not the 'uh... no!' option I would have to follow my own sexuality. I would prefer to be 'owned' by a woman, and would prefer to 'own' a woman.

    Now when it comes to fantasy... well that is an entirely different bag of chips. As I really get off on personal humiliation, I would go with the opposite of my own sexuality. A woman could of course own me and humiliate me, but there would be a small part of me saying 'whew... it could be worse!'. Well worse would be more humiliating, and I would be devastatingly humiliated to be owned by a man. Even if it didn't have anything to do with cross dressing, forced feminization or the like.... it would still be more humiliating to be owned by a man.

    If I were to own someone, there wouldn't be much humiliation to be had on my part. But as my sexuality goes towards women, I bet that humiliation would find its way into a male slave. I wouldn't accept a single bit of masculinity in him. His male bits would never see the light of day again, and he would have to derive pleasure by other means. He would be for all intensive purposes be female. I'm sure there are people that would look for a master like that.. someone who would not only expect, but enforce a completely feminine lifestyle Well that is just win-win.

    So Reality: Women
    Fantasy: Men

    Oh, and I can't let that cap go without a comment! Great cap! I love the change in voice from the beginning to the end.

  3. Lets see: "Assuming these were your only two options: Would you prefer to be 'owned' by a man, or a woman"? I am not all that attracted to men, im only a little curious about the idea of being used by one. I am very much attracted to the idea of being owned by a domineering woman. Always have been. I guess that answers that. I guess the only way i would end up subservient to a man is if the lady had a boyfriend. Then I guess I would be their mutual slave.
    "Would I own a man or a woman". Definitely a woman, but this would only be a temporary role play. (A month tops)! ha ha