Thursday, February 10, 2011

In an Octopus' Garden ... & a challenge? for moi?

From the Formspring doo-hickey box: 

Challenge! do you accept? Man, I wish this thing gave you more space.

Then I got a second question telling me it was Jennifer, with her formspring name of Jennifer Swallows. If there ever was a chosen last name that fit her better, I'm not sure what it is!

Anyway, I assume this came about because I had offered Caitlyn a challenge back about a week ago and she did a great job, as I thought she would. I had planned on offering some sort of challenge or group effort amongst some of the commenters here. Something fun or wacky, or whatever.

I've done some challenges before, like the caption above. Rose Red had that picture in her folder, figuring that no one would really try to use it. Well, that to me constituted a challenge. She loved it, and I think it cemented my reputation as one of the quirkiest captioners on the planet. She even posted ANOTHER picture involving the same topic, which I also made a caption for.

Who doesn't like deaf genie captions? Anyway, I'm up for a challenge, Jenniger sweetie. What did you have in mind? If I go down swinging, oh well! I mean, if I'm going to fail, I might as well go down like the Titanic.

DISCUSSION QUESTION:  Any one else interested in a challenge, whether in a fictional story or caption format? How about a cross-promotional event? That could be more fun than that multi-verse thing where they had Wolverine beating Lobo .. what the hell was THAT? C'mon, Lobo would KICK Wolvie's ass from here to Valhalla.


  1. I always like challenges from a creative standpoint. Really, though, putting them together visually...maybe I should go around asking in the Haven if someone would like to collaborate and handle the visual part while I do the writing. That's my sticking point. I have four or five captions written. I can't put any of them together. So your answer: Yes. Expecting more than a script in a timely manner might be disappointing for you, though.

  2. Well damn, I was just closing out web browser tabs and refreshed to see if you had a new comment, when lo and behold You posted this one minute before!

    I like the idea of having a group challenge. I could see it working a few different ways.

    - Grab a single picture (or if smitty joins in a series of several dozen pictures!), and we all make a cap out of it. No more direction other than no one posts their work until everyone is ready (we all know that you would be done before I even got an idea for the pic!)

    - Use a theme like you did for me. Picture selection and exact story is up to each individual capper.

    - Have a merry go round style. One person makes a cap with an open ending. This person shows the cap who is next (and no one else) and that person must continue the cap. Once that person is done, they give a brief synopsis of the story so far, as well as showing their cap to the next person. That way each person get an idea of where the story has gone, but only sees the 'previous' cap. Then we all post the same day and enjoy our collaborative work!

    - Pair cappers up with differing story and layout styles. Each designs a cap without the story, then pass it to each other to finish. (I imagine this would be tough with all the different programs used).

    But before all this group challenge, I believe the gauntlet has been laid down before you!

    And one final thought.... Lobo would never stand a chance against Wolverine!!

  3. @ Martha

    I know you haven't commented yet, but I figured I would answer the question you would undoubtedly ask, "what is the thing with Red Wings Players and ..."

    Anyway, The Detroit Red Wings are a hockey team, and there fans are famous for throwing Octopi out on the ice during celebrations. How they sneak them in, I have no idea. If I remember correctly, Detroit and Toronto had a big rivalry, though Toronto sucks now and Detroit is still pretty good.

    PETA is of course "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" and Cthulhu famous in the Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft.

    @ Meridon

    It's a shame you haven't been able to build some captions with ideas you've had. Ever thought about turning them into short stories?

    @ Caitlyn

    I had thought about most of the things you had suggested. Wasn't sure what the level of interest was so I decided to put it out there. We used to have bi-monthly contests in the haven where the winners had 5 dollars in their name donated to the Haven. There was some fun captions posted and some great winning entries too!

  4. @everyone

    A couple of years back there was a group of caption writers working on a collaboration exactly like Caitlyn detailed. One person would take the stick and then give it someone else, I was the 3rd in the story and as far I know it made it to a couple more people. But it was never posted and I don't know why. So obviously I'm good with any collaborative effort. I've done it with Sasha before as well. (similar to Caitlyns last suggestion.)

    @ Dee

    Well, I had an idea that I thought would be right up your alley and with Caitlyn's suggestion, It's a series to help push you a little out of your comfort zone. The length of it is up to you, but I don't really consider a 2 part caption as a series.

    The idea features a magic TV guide that places the reader/owner into classic sitcom settings with a TG theme for the week. It can be parodies of the sitcoms or the actual show. And the themes in them can be anything, cross-dressing, magic, potions, Etc.

    If you want, you can ask your readers what classic shows you should emulate or spoof. If you go with that, I'll go ahead and suggest dark shadows.

    As for my last name, it is a perfect fit isn't it? It used to be cocktease, but I think most will tell you, I'm more then just a tease. ^_^

    I also have to weigh in on the Lobo vs wolverine thing, I'm a big fan of wolverine and I don't know much about Lobo. But what I do know, Lobo would crush wolverine! Sorry Caitlyn.. :( Also, any one of marvel's Celestial's could take them both on!

  5. If I were to do a challenge, I would like one of Kaitlyn's ideas with the one picture idea.

    My own would be something like a group grab-bag. Each person creates a mini challenge and each person pulls to see who get's what Challenge.

    The pairing off of writers/artists could also be fun.

  6. I have, but I created these stories as captions. I want to make them captions. I'm stubborn. Honestly, my captions often read like shorts with pictures attached anyway.

  7. I'm always up for doing artwork for a good story if anyone is interested. I've done a few collaborations in the past and have always had quite a bit of fun.

  8. Ma'am, I am interested. Expect a communique shortly.

  9. Sorry I haven't gotten back to people. Real life intrudes. GF was in a car accident that totaled her car, so we've been dealing with that. She is doing OK now. Just trying to figure out how to proceed.

    I've thought about the challenge, and have an idea in mind. Right now I don't really have much time (or privacy) to whip it up but I'll be hunting for pictures soon I think. I will also need a few volunteers to star in it of course.

    @ Jenniger

    I believe that at some point, your last name was Cumslut if memory serves me correctly. Simone had done a GREAT job on you I think. LOL

    @ Simone

    I do like the ideas as well, and I don't mind issuing challenges. It is what I did back in 2009 at the haven for a bit to raise money. We had a grander plan for a challenge competition, but it fell by the wayside due to a combination of "the Coliseum" and Rachel getting cancer.

    Perhaps I can whip something up for those interested. Let me know!

  10. @ Dee:
    First, I want to say I'm sorry your girlfriend was in a accident, it's good to hear she's doing ok right now. I'm guessing she didn't suffer any sort of serious injury, so that's good. I hope you can get the car fixed, is there anyway the insurance will help cover it? If it was insured.

    Yes I was! I think It was actually Cindy Cumslut. I think my email for my other account still has that up as my name.

    Need a few volunteers huh? Interesting. Well, you know you can use me anyway you like. ;)

    I love challenges and have a done a few over the years, so I'm up for anything that may come from these ideas. I have a few ideas I could suggest for different challenges.