Friday, February 4, 2011

Can't Spell Analyst Without Anal!

Well, I got my first question from the Formspring question do-hickey, and so lets get rockin' like Dokken, or some semblance there of.

Who is this Sasha you talk about and is she hot? Do you fantasize about her? I bet she is smart, funny and witty just like you!

I wonder who the hell could have written this! I mean, c'mon, who doesn't know Sasha? She's a legend in her own mind, after all. Bren had inflicted us all on the haven with many punishments, and inviting Sasha in was one of the worst ones she has ever delivered to us.

Actually, she is a pretty fun person to chat with, and creative in the captioning field as well. Best part is that she can have fun with a caption yet still make it work. Not quite as whimsical as Kaitlyn (with a K, not the masked variety) but still playful and semi-subversive. I don't think she makes as many captions as she used to, as her blog seems to draw more interest from people looking to hear about her cross-dressing exploits rather than her mad capping skills, which to me is a tad bit depressing. Not that she is sharing the info, which is fascinating, but I'm sure the "damn you look hot, please post your naughty bits" will get old real fast and possibly make her reevaluate her web presence. Then again, perhaps that playful wink and nod that she brings to captions is at work again and she's subversively pegging fingers at her followers, and I can totally respect that.

With that out of the way, the caption above is one I made for her, based on one of the many awesome moments in that Nouvelle Vague masterpiece "Army of Darkness", of course slaughtered by my need to reference pop culture at every chance I can get. Its also fun to write ditsy girl dialog, and even better when it is MY CHARACTER saying it. I'm often the character that provides change, and to do so without knowing I am is just peachy! I believe the main reason for doing the caption was Sasha was on a high heel kick, and this picture definitely hits that criteria in spades.

Discussion Question: Any big pop culture references or other talking points you wouldn't use or want to see in a TG caption? I am wondering what taboos would be out there and if they could be used effectively or would they just turn someone off. I am thinking, "If Seth McFarlane was making captions, where would he draw the line?" I've done a caption based on the Kennedy assassination which surprisingly got little to no complaints.


  1. This reminds me of a lot of comedians who had issues doing comedy post 9/11. Shows like SNL had issues trying to do jokes during the early stages because the nation was hurt and it was a sore spot for many. You bringing up the Kennedy thing made me think of this.

    Because this is fantasy, It's very subjective as a whole. Personally, anything using footage of shows I know well breaks the fantasy for me. Just takes me out of it. Rarely want to read captions like that and dread making them. However, I once had an urge to make a caption based on How I Met Your Mother. Go figure.

    I think the only things I feel off limits are malicious events or situations. No need to be offensive here, we all have to play in the same sandbox!

  2. @ Simone

    I mentioned using pictures that people might recognize in the current post, and that was for a "famous" pantyhose redhead. I figured most people had seen at least a few pictures of her at some point, but the picture was TOO GOOD to avoid using. I guess its often a judgment call.

    I mean, I actually used a picture from juno without knowing. It was the girl with a pipe. I went the way of Sherlock Holmes with it, and people said, "interesting use of a picture from Juno!" and I went, URGGHHH! I probably would NOT have used it knowing it came from the movie.

  3. I don't think any pup culture references are out of bounds for me. I look at it this way, everyone has a different scope of what they pay attention to. Just because I may look at a picture that screams "HOUSE M.D. Mondays of Fox!" doesn't mean that someone may have never seen the show and just sees a cute girl in a lab coat. If the story revolves around a cute girl in a lab coat, then it can work.

    I've found (after the fact) that I've used several 'popular' actresses or models and didn't even know it. They weren't in the scope of what I knew. As for taboos.... well everyone has their own taboos. What might cross the line for me may be perfectly acceptable for someone else. If someone crossed one of my taboos, I would just mention that I don't like seeing it. But I would still thank the person for making me the cap. I would hope that if I crossed someone's taboo I would get the same response.

  4. Well, I wonder things like this: If a person doesn't like magic captions, but likes sci-fi ... would they mind a caption showing an nude amputee woman? I could have spun the story as "the guy ran out of money for a body suit, and it cost an arm and a leg?" or "I really shouldn't have mutated a woman's DNA with a spider? That guy scared me so much I lost a leg. Thank goodness I'll grow a new one back by May for the Prom! I must say though, he certainly WAS delicious!"

    Actually I might revisit this discussion further on down the line, and post my time travel Kennedy assassination caption in it.

  5. Hmm.. interesting question Dee. I don't think it would be one of my favorite caps, but that's more of just a visual thing. The stories you've suggested there sound interesting and wouldn't bother me in the least.