Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happiness in Slavery

This is the caption that Jenniger wanted me to talk about. Check it out first before reading the commentary below.

Two things stand out for me when discussing this caption specifically.

(1) The content itself is not smutty or dirty at all. Not one word you can’t say on broadcast TV, or commercial radio. The picture isn’t anything that would shock you in a standard magazine. The word Master doesn’t even really draw too much play, as technically this caption could be about wine, and Master could mean the person that is training an apprentice sommelier about the finer points of chardonnay
Its all about what our minds perceive. It’s all about the subtleties and innuendo. Everything is implied, and yes, everything you read into it is right there. We’ve always had this, and I think only recently has everything become so overt. Way back when, the raising of an eyebrow would mean so much more than “FUCK ME … NOW!” ever could.

I had a female friend take a class on the art of using a fan. Back in Courtesan days, the art of the flirt was in how the woman held the fan and displayed it. She could show many different moods and desires, just by a certain flick of the wrist. Its amazing what could be conveyed, and yes, I was turned on by how she could maneuver that seductive accessory. Watch the video, "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry to see how it can be used to titillate. 

With social networking and less face to face interaction, I wonder if we are losing some of the skills needed to keep the art of seduction going. All the signs are there if one could read them, but no one gave Joe Public a manual.

(2) The caption is TG-ish, but much more of a D/s type arrangement. There could be magic implied, or Jenniger could just be a mincing sissy. It wasn’t really my intention to choose one, as it wasn’t pertinent to the plot. Besides, this is a case where I can let the recipient and all the viewers decide for themselves how Jeremy got to the position he/she is in. Even in calling it a magic elixir, the reader gets a chance to decide if it is a potion to make him female forever, or as in my intent, a way to seal the servitude of a slave to her master. I consider this caption as a “collar” ceremony where the slave’s commitment is reinforced, and “free will” is given up.

The facial expression, and most of the wording, is describing that mindset that is often defined as “subspace”. I don’t think I need to elaborate too much on that, and you can Google it for much better definitions. The preface to “The Story of O” was called “Happiness in Slavery” and I think that term fits this caption perfectly. (I realize that Trent Reznor used that title in a song, but his lyrics were about how he was treated artistically by his record label.) Jenniger is pictured at a moment when the build up is overwhelming, and the “treat” she is about to receive is a personal and mental climax to all the training Jeremy had endured. I guess that you could whip up an explanation that “Jeremy” is all the pain and suffering to be released, and “Jennifer” is the manifestation of salvation. I would say that probably sounds too pompous and is possibly reading too much into a caption that took me about 15 minutes to make.

DISCUSSION QUESTION:  (1) Who is your favorite all-time sex symbol? Someone from more of the past, or someone current? For me, it would have to be Mae West. Body designed by the angels, and everything else was created by the most delicious devils ever. (2) How did you see the caption before reading my little commentary? Did what I have to say change your opinion of it, and if so, in what ways? This could help me in how I frame future discussions, (3) Discuss anything else I talked about and your feelings on it.


  1. Audrey Hepburn is my all time favorite sex symbol. Pure,petite, sophisticated. Someone you would not ever imagine receiving her master's essence. But she did.

  2. I don't know that I have a favorite all time sex-symbol. Marilyn Monroe comes to mind, but thats about it. I don't know that someone from the present could really be seen as a sex-symbol beyond people that are ONLY interested in current times (mainly adolescents).

    I saw the caption as Jeremy having been slowly transformed into a sissy slave about to receive her masters cum for the first time. I say sissy slave and not female slave because of the line 'all the things she'd been taught by Master over the last few months'. I didn't think magic even though the wording allows that to be a possibility. Plus the image seemed to suggest that she was hiding her less feminine looking parts for her master, leaving just her lips and nose. Your commentary opened up other possibilities, but I still see it the same way.

    You talked about losing the skills to keep the art of seduction going due to social networking and less face to face interaction. I think the true art of seduction has been dying away for a very long time. But its every technological innovation that has been doing that. And for every art like that lost, another comes up to replace it. Email killed the art of writing letters (it didn't, it just changed the format). The telephone killed the personal visit (it didn't, it just made diluted it and made the personal visit more rare and special). The spell checker killed spelling (o.k... it kind of did that). Photography killed painting (it didn't, it just changed it from a vocation into an art). Over time all things change. The only real constant is civilization IS change, and change is speeding up more and more.

  3. @ cumcurious

    I think she was definitely a hot babe, but picturing her more as the tigress behind closed doors and being the boss .. seems delicious to me LOL

    @ Caitlyn

    You pretty much nailed the way the caption was supposed to be read. I did leave in that possibility though that the "magic elixer" would do more than just bind them together. There have been enough stories and captions out there that have some sort of "if this happens, then you are stuck forever as a girl" clause, and eating semen, or becoming pregnant, etc .. are viable ways to make that plot point work.

    I've seen some interesting views on my captions. Things I'd never thought about, but that is half the fun in seeing how people fill in the blanks I've left unanswered.

  4. Oooh! heheheh.. I have a thing or two to say about this cap. :D Of course, first I want to answer the sex symbol question.

    Maybe not everyone would think she falls under the category of sex symbol, but I just can't think o any other choice then Mila kunis. It's not like she has the best legs in the world, or large hips and D cups, but.. the whole package to me works perfectly in sync. And well.. I do think she has the best eye's! could get lost in them for hours..

    OK, on the caption! To me, it is just the perfect capture of the moment. this moment of change, of finality and acceptance coming to this point in her (my?) life.

    Even the way it's laid out is echoing those thoughts. The shadow is blocking out the rest of her body and face and focusing on only her open mouth because in her mind everything is tied to that action. She's ready, she's waiting for it, It's all come to this moment and she is just waiting to be complete.

    I can picture her mind is racing, but at the same time calm. Mentioning the months of training suggests to me slave training, not just a non magical change that made her what she is. It could still mean that, but I think in either case it was also slave training.

    So now she's wrapped up in this moment and given her self completely to the ritual. It's what she has trained for, was made to learn about her self and now she is ready for it. Sex, acceptance, peace of mind, submission, feelings that have been wrestled with and denied. In this moment and the moments to come, she dosen't have to fight it in anymore. she's just at peace with her self and feels complete and is excited at that thought.

    So a perfect caption for subspace! ^_^ Maybe I've thought about it too much how ever...

  5. @ Jenniger

    Sometimes you are so predictable .. Mila Kunis! Duh! So glad you loved the caption, as I figured you would.

    @ Everyone

    Another posting should be up within a day or two, depending on when I get home from commitments of a family nature. Writing this from a hotel room. As a TG fan, I'm wondering where all these sissy slaves maids are located. Never seen any of them around. Oh well! LOL