Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Real Life TG Type Situation

This is a tiny caption I made for a Haven contest, where the entry had to be of a motivational poster style. I figured I would post it so that people would see something if they were viewing my link in another persons blog list. I think I might try to do that for every blog post I do, even if it doesn't relate to what I am talking about at the time.

Well, as some people know, I haven't had a voice for over a month now. Every year or two I get this issue. I think it is related to the massive amount of post-nasal drip I get. All the coughing and draining leads to strained vocal chords. It sucks, but hopefully I will be able to figure something out at some point in the near future.

Anyway, since I have a new "Smart Phone" with Android Marketplace, I decided to snap up a text-to-speech app, so that when I'm at a fast food place, or someplace I need to be heard ... I can at least communicate on some level. How does this relate to a TG situation? Well, the app is free, but I believe you have to pay for any voice that isn't the default. The default? Definitely a woman's voice, and the clearest way to hear the voice is to have it be a bit high-pitched like a teenage girl! Eesh!

The family finds it amusing. I think I'll be purchasing another voice for it very soon, hopefully one that makes me sound like Barry White. In the meantime, it is hard to resist typing in things like, "Omigod! Like totally those jeans are SOOOOO you!"

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Any ideas for other "apps" that would be fun to see in a caption? Of course, I am thinking more in a theoretical way, like the Spells R Us app, or something like that. Give it a whirl people, I am probably about 2 weeks away from 200k page views!


  1. Hmm.. I'm thinking of the wall ideas that have a magic influence in some way or cross-dressing.

    The know what it's like App. Hit the button when you just don't understand women and it changes you into a woman to give you insight.


    a how to make up app. giving you detailed instructions on how to achieve the look of the woman you just snapped a photo of. Guaranteed results!


    A Magic lamp locate app, or magic detection. (beep beep.. Witch!)


    A control Disguise app that turns Maxwell smart into a exact look a like of Agent 99!(yes, the original shows cast. and I think I'm doing this!)


    A app that identifys strange relics and one just so happens to be the medallion of Zulu or some such.

    Thats all I got for know. *giggle* ^_^

  2. seeing has how many phones have cameras in the back and front now, How about a combination caption that scans an outfit, and the person holding the phone. If you like the combination of outfit and person, a mysterious button will combine the two, adding the proper dimensions to the person so the outfit fits optimally. This can also be used on other people, so you can scan a person, then an outfit and "poof!" you have a new girl in a sexy outfit.

  3. o.k... a quicky off the top of my head:

    An app called 'Perfect Date Night; step by step guide on how to get ready and perform on your date'

    You install the app and test it out before letting your 18 year old daughter try it. It uses the front camera to take a picture of you. It then draws makeup over the face and gives you the instructions of how to apply it. Once the app is run, you have to complete it or it kills the phone. You comply just to get the app off the phone. As you finish with the makeup it snaps a new pic of you, and starts drawing clothes... you now have to dress as it indicates. You continue again just hoping to get your $400 phone back under your control. When you are finally fully made up and could pass for one daughters friends you hear your daughters boyfriend knocking at the door. You look at the phone and see that it sent out a picture text message of you in the makeup to your daughters boyfriend with the message "I'm all ready, for our blind date, come and pick me up at my place!". it then snaps a pic of your open mouthed surprise and draws your face performing fellatio.... oh wait... to far? ;)

  4. @ Everyone

    Love the suggestions. Anyone else that wants to post something, here's your chance.

    I thought about an app that originally was to help a guy say the right things to women, but went wrong and made the guy say stuff that women would say, turning them slowly into the GF's best friend .. and in the end they go out to a bar and pick up men.

    Another one would be a "fetish broadcaster" where anyone with the app installed within 50 feet of you, would broadcast what they enjoyed fetish-wise. Could lead to some interesting times if you find a woman that wants to feminize a man, or things of that nature.