Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Still too competitive!

Not sure that many people will like this caption, but I think I did a good job of fulfilling Steffimarie's preferences. She doesn't particularly like magic, and trends towards sissy type captions. Its not quite my forte, but I think I've done a fair share of decent ones.

The main reason I like this one is I used a male trait to ensnare the "victim" into being more feminine. Often men can be incredibly competitive, and Ronald is willing to be even more femme than what his wife is making him do, IF the endgame is winning. Even when the winning involves a "sissy beauty pageant". If anything, he'll probably realize how wrong he was to do this, and probably feed further into his wife's plans. I mean, if he wins HERE, there must be more competitions to enter, and further training to undergo.

I came up with the story by finding this picture. none of the models are particularly busty, and could possibly be considered sissy males after some intense dieting. Ronald himself looks like there is a VERY slight bulge in the swimsuit bottoms which could be a tad bit humiliating as well. I mean, not even having to TUCK? I think it was the look on the middle girls face that really made the caption. The look that Ronald was probably more femme than him sealed the story in my opinion. That and the "innocent bystanders" in the background, watching each sissy parade around in swimwear.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Does the picture make the story better, as it is pretty realistic in my opinion, or should I have used a bustier and more feminine styled pageant picture? I don't find any of the models particularly attractive, but as was mentioned in an earlier post, I like to think that this made the caption more grounded in reality, since there was no element of magic involved.


  1. I think the picture is perfect as it is, I much prefer realism when dealing with a sissy caption. And I would have used something like this picture here for a sissy cap.

    When I go looking for a sissy themed Picture, my only rule I always try to follow is, there should be no cleavage visible. the only time I do a sissy cap with cleavage or breasts showing, is if I also worked in hormones or implants somehow. But I like the idea of stuffing the bra quite a bit so my mind goes that way a lot.

    Lately I've been looking for pics of pretty women that aren't showing their face, for a cross dressing caption I'm doing. This way I can use one model for the face, but use other similar models for action shots. it's been a fun challenge. ^_^

  2. I agree with Jennifer. I see a lot of captions with huge cleavage and no realistic explanation or even more glaring, female genitalia, and it always takes me out of the cap. I know how challenging it can be to find realistic pics, even for a single cap, but I think it is worth the effort. It is really difficult for series, let me tell you.

  3. I'm torn on this one.

    I like the picture for the realism. It helps cement the story and gives you that sweet momentary pause asking yourself 'Could this be real? Could this really be happening to someone somewhere?' That adds a little excitement to the entire cap.

    On the other hand, I am a very visual person. I like looking at pictures of very beautiful women. I don't enjoy looking at pictures of obvious men dressed as women. Now professional cross dressers, shemales, good pre-op TG or post op TG... that is the middle ground. I enjoy looking at these beautiful women, and the fact that they are (or at least once were) men, makes it all the sweeter. If this picture had been of some super busty models, it still would have worked for me. I would have just had to wear my fantasy blinders a little closer.

    I haven't done much 'sissy' work before. When I did, I cautioned on the visual appeal of the photograph, over the realism. I tried to explain (at least to myself) how this person came to look so convincingly feminine. I think I've gotten close some times, but have left the rest to the fantasy blinders.

  4. Whenever I do sissy or forced femme caps I try to have the pic be as realistic as possible. That (almost) always means no female sex organs showing at all. No large breasts, and definitely no vagina. I also try to go for images where the face is hidden or is not overly feminine.

    There are times where I break this rule, usually for series caps. I did a cap for Googs recently and another one for Caitlyn a while back where there was enough space to detail the process of dressing the boy up which helped explain away some of the more overtly feminine features.

    I'm constantly on the look-out for images that can work for cross-dressing or sissy caps, and any time I find one, I save it in a special folder. Images where the face is turned away or is cropped out, images where you see just the back of the person, images where the person looks just a bit uncomfortable in their skin and also not too girly are instant saves for me.

    For this cap, I think you chose very well. I personally wouldn't have looked at the image and thought "sissy cap" when I saw it, but it works. I hadn't really thought about the "bulge" or the smaller bust size, but now that you point them out, I see how they add verisimilitude. Great work.

    As someone who likes to receive sissy/forced femme caps, I would much rather see images of boyish women or even just select body parts than images of men dressed up. For me, it just makes it more of a fantasy.

  5. Hmmm, comments so far are pretty much straight up the middle, which jives with what I had thought. People seem to want their sissies to be slightly better than normal looking, but nothing over the top when it comes genitalia. Also,leaving out the face, or focusing on certain sections of the body and excluding others sounds like a good overall strategy in creating sissy captions.

    I don't consider this topic closed, so anyone that wants to chip in, please do!

  6. I generally am not a fan of sissy caps and pictures of obvious guys dressing up as women, or even the other way around. The most obvious reason being it's quite difficult to pull off convincingly. Being a very visual person, I'm very cognizant of details like others have already stated - the bulge should be confused as going either way, and breasts should be very small and again, should be confused as going either way. Though for the record man boobs are totally disgusting!

    With that said, I think this kind of picture works the best for these kinds of caps, and the jealousy component adds a really nice touch. My favorite quickies are the ones that could easily expand into full series and this one is a great example of that. Nice work Dee!