Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I've been VERY sick for the last week. I'd wanted to post 1-2 a week, or at least ONCE a week, but this virus has taken a ton out of me, including robbing me of my voice yet again. I will also be home by myself as I'm not able to travel the 3+ hours each way like we normally do (plus one family member is going through chemo and I don't want them to even SNIFF what I have.) It sucks but I'll deal. Perhaps that time alone will help me truly rest, and not get all antsy that I'm not doing something productive.

Anyway, I am up over 50 followers now, and even though a fraction contribute with comments, I am very content. I want this blog to grow organically and it is doing just that. Viewing TG captions as more than just spank material is what I am trying to accomplish. Sure it turns people on, but I like going further than just the shiny alluring surface. Its the mindframe of the creator, how that creator adapts the story to the recipient, the pictures chosen and why, what part should be focused on, plot development, etc ... that all leaves me curious and made me ask if others felt the same way.

I guess that is why I love "bootleg" recordings of musician "scratch tracks", live versions, and unfinished demo / unreleased recordings. Even recording acts I'm not a big fan of. There is a bootleg album from the Beatles, and its about 50 minutes of Strawberry Fields Forever. Starting at the acoustic demo and from there, it gets fleshed out to the full version. I am not even a fan of that song, but I can listen and see the levels being added and appreciate the vision as its coming from the collective heads to the recording tapes. Sometimes, I'll get some unreleased songs from a band I do like and say, "why didn't they release THAT on the CD instead of " when to me, its obvious they left the best song off the damn disc (or their record company did). In 2010 though, bands let the listener inside much more so than in the past.

This is how I feel about this blog, and I'm glad that we've got 50+ people on board. I've noticed that some people are detailing more of their creative process when posting captions to their sites. BRAVO! I can only see the caption from my own perspective, to add the creators (and recipients) take on the same caption makes me understand everything better.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: When the end of the year comes around, are you more or less likely to view/create TG captions? Some people have a much busier end of year time and can't find the time. Others need to escape from the duties that the end of the year provides, and use TG captions to escape. Which side do you fall under?


  1. Hey Dee,

    So sorry to hear about your cold. You'll be in my thoughts on this day!

    Onto the discussion:

    The end of the year grants me plenty of extra time. School is off for the holiday break, and work hours have been slashed, leaving me plenty of free time. But that free time is also shared amongst many of my close friends, and sharing our free time together takes me away from the computer just as much as school and work combined.

    That being said, I still have more time to create more (late nights are made for capping!). I just wish 'free time' was all that was standing between me and my caps. For the past few months I've felt and heeded the call to cap, but in the last week I have felt NO desire to cap.

    Its an unusual feeling... I WANT to create, but when I sit in front of the computer with the intent to create something..... nothing happens. Its like watching a movie and wanting to laugh. Its funny. You're watching it. But nothing.

    Thats just a long way of saying this: If the desire/ability to cap comes a knockin', I'll answer the door with glee and cap until my heart can't take anymore. I just don't know if that desire/ability will return while I have the spare time to indulge.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Funny you should ask. Normally, this is the time I get a LOT done, especially around the Haven (Last year I used the time to begin a little game called the Medallion of Zulo Experience). Working retail keeps me busy up until now, and then once christmas is over, no hours for anyone.

    But this year is different. This upcoming year, I'm starting a new job, and that means a lot of time that is normally spent recuperating from the holiday rush is now being replaced with a whole new marathon of things. I feel badly about promises I made to some to return caps during this time, but also feel everyone is understanding of my situation.

    So it is a little different to refocus my energy into preparing for this new job and moving instead of my regular relax and make some captions time. Suppose I'll see how it goes!

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