Monday, September 20, 2010

We Might Need to Redefine What An 'Abduction" Is!

I like switching around conventions of the TG genre and juxtaposing what people expect in a caption. This is a recent example of one I did where what you see in the picture isn't necessarily what you are getting through the story line. In a way though, it's probably wish fulfillment for many readers on the Haven, though they would say, "Nah, I would NEVER want that!" With "Forced feminization" as a majority of trade captions on the Haven, I figured it'd be sweet to start this one off in that direction and then tweak it slightly. What's wrong with admitting that it ended up being fun?!?

And yes, once again I pop in as a character in a caption I created. Oftentimes though, having myself be a co-star really helps drive the caption, as people already know who I am. It's so hard being infamous, ya know? LOL What is even more fun is reading a caption made by someone else that has me co-starring as the agent of change. It's awesome when people imagine me spreading my evil across the globe!

Discussion question: What is the deal with the Haven having tons of forced fem and revenge type captions?


  1. I've wondered this too. And I mostly write forced fem revenge captions. I think one obvious aspect is that forced fem takes away (initially at least) any guilt or reservations about becoming feminized. This allows the fantasy to go further and test their comfort levels.

    But this gets confusing because so many of the forced fem, revenge, bimbofication captions themselves ultimately end up with the reveal that they wanted it anyway.

    And of course there are large varieties of forced fem types including caught with consequences that seem to come from significantly different fantasies.

    And people can get really particular about how they want to be forcibly feminized. Which is a strange juxtaposition where the person writing the forced cap is at the whim of the person being forced.

    I think this is a really interesting topic and hope there are a lot of responses to it.

  2. I think that too, but being captured leaves the feminize options for the captors which can be good, if you are new in those lairs

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. Well, I think that often the forced and revenge captions are the most creatively planned, and can deliver some interesting twists and turns.

    Usually there has to be some sort of conflict in fiction for it to be interesting ... ie. a quest to obtain something, and there are roadblocks that have to be overcome.

    That just made me think about something I might end up doing soon in a caption if I can get a decent picture to use!!

  4. I definitely can see what you mean about conflict. I've had ongoing plot lines and recurring characters all built around themes of domination and revenge. If you think about what might happen next after a forced/revenge cap it takes some interesting turns.

    By the way. This discussion inspired a cap that twists the forced aspect.

  5. I don't know why others do it. I just think it makes for a more interesting story myself.

  6. I can't speak for everyone, but for me;

    I like 'forced' caps because while I enjoy this online fantasy, I have no real life desire to become a woman. So when I read a story or cap that starts with the premise of the subject wanting to be female, I can’t see that being me. But when I read a story/cap that involves a person changing without their wanting it…. well I can dive in and ‘become’ that subject. Even if the process isn’t something that I am in general interested in, I can be that person. They don’t have a choice. Or even better they have a choice but chose something they don’t want (feminization) to help someone else.

    Some of the ‘slice of life’ story/caps are well written, but take out the fact that the main subject used to be a man, and it is just a woman going about her day. That is interesting to that person, but it doesn’t make it interesting to read/watch/know about.

    Also I agree with you Dee. A forced cap starts with a conflict. Almost all good fiction is about conflict. Luke Skywalker wanted to be a Jedi. Not because a Jedi was a lifelong dream, but because his family was brutally murdered and being a Jedi would help him avenge them (btw I’m not saying that Star Wars is great literature or anything. It’s just an example of conflict).

  7. I just wanted to say that this is one of my favorite caps ever. Absolutely love it.

  8. This is interesting, especially given that I am visiting from the future (in relation to when this caption was originally posted), but I am drawn, nearly equally, to the idea of being both forced into feminization and voluntarily going there. And I think I know why. As a sissy, I am submissive by nature. I love when my wife leads me and takes control over me in my feminized state. However, I also am self-aware enough to realize that, with or without her, I would be a feminized sissy. It has been inside of me for almost as long as I can recall. Still, I love the forced aspect as well.