Friday, August 6, 2010

Pregnancy .. In A Jiffy!

Here is a caption where the picture totally drove the story. I'm pretty sure that I found the picture online while looking for pregnant pictures to use for a caption for Jilly. To me, it just struck me that her belly was growing due to it being next to the fire .. and when I put that together with her name, it became obvious to me that she had a jiffy pop pregnancy. (Yeah, I know it's not a normal progression of thought, but often my brain actually works like that.) The fun thing is that this is not anywhere near my weirdest caption ideas .. though it might make the top 10-15.

Anyway, I think it's more verbose than I would like it to be, but considering this was made in October 2008, I am pretty happy with it overall. My other thought is how to really boil it down anymore and still tell the story I wanted to tell. I am not sure I would be able to make this caption now, since I tend to "show, not tell" on the narrative more so and really let the pictures and situation take care of themselves.

Discussion question: When you have odd ideas, do you tend to let them come out full force, or do you temper them? Do you let them blare sometimes but keep it more conservative other times?


  1. Whenever I get a weird idea, the first thing to ask is who you're creating the caption for. Whether it's one specific person, or a community of Havenettes, what really matters is will your creativity be applauded, shunned, or go unnoticed?

  2. Many times I have odd ideas when I'm looking at some pictures which I would love to use for captioning. However I mostly drop them since I just can't express them in words so that the story would be fun or witty. I just don't have enough vocabulary in English for that.

  3. Well Kaitlyn, I would have NO PROBLEMS making you a weird caption. I would be afraid that someone might not GET what I've created, but I do have a bit of cache that people won't mind too much. It'd just be a case of "Dee being Dee"!!!

    I can understand that Nadine .. have you tried making some captions in your native language? Perhaps if you do, you could always cut and paste the text in the comment box so that all of us English speaking people could translate it and still get the gist!

  4. Where did you find this photo?

    1. I honestly have no idea, since it was made so long ago. It might've been in one of Jilly's folders of picture to caption for her, or I might've found it on Google Image search, or just came across it on an image site.

      If I knew, I would certainly say so!

  5. Found it through reverse image search.