Thursday, April 12, 2018

Things Just Sort of Fell into Place!

May all your birthdays be as fun and fulfilling as Jeanne's was. Plus a bonus caption!

I mean, even finding a coin fountain that even accepts wishes nowadays is quite rare, and unless he set his mustache on fire while blowing out candles, wouldn't have gotten that same wish verbalized.

Some of those women's magazines are quite informative, and I've wondered that if you could hypnotize a man to read one of those from cover to cover absorbing all the details in it, while flushing out all the male viewpoints that contradict the magazine, how much more feminine it would make him. "These are the clothes you should wear because you're an autumn and pear-shaped." "These are the guys we think are cute and hunky this month!" "What to do to make your man  lust after you!" and, "Learn these dishes to win your way into a man's heart (through his stomach)" Well, they aren't all like THAT anymore, but some of that thinking is still implied.

Otherwise, this was a quickie to celebrate Jeanne's birthday the other day.I found the picture alluring, and thought out loud the nail polish life hack dealing with nylons and thought, "Hmm, that would make for a good birthday caption!" And I have no idea what his wife does .. could be some sort of doctor .. that was my first thought .. but could be something else like a beautician, secretarial temp agency, or someplace else that has women's magazines lying around the reception room. Perhaps he was really lucky that she wasn't a veterinarian!

Anything exciting going on over the weekend for you readers out there? I've been wondering where some of our regulars went, current and the past. I don't think Ian's made a peep in a few weeks and the same for Joanne. I haven't been able to get in touch with Katie Mills, and Hailey Pixley had disappeared, but had been back for about a year as Whitney .. but her Deviant Art page has now vanished as well. If any of you are still around, or know of where they are .. please let me know in the comments or you can PM me on the Haven or email me here too. Mistress Simone is back at least, but I miss many of my other friends!  Let's try to keep in touch! Also. feel free to comment on either caption or both!

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  1. I love the wishing well caption, especially how you held off on explaining who she is/was and what had happened. Buying into the women's magazine is a nice touch. :)