Sunday, January 31, 2016

Leeanne's Sex Drive .. Just Needs the Key for Ignition!

The boy next door learns that the adult sexual lifestyle is a very nuanced and beyond comprehension!

I wasn't planning on making a caption for Leeanne, as I was just sort of "freestyling" on some picture sites, and I saw this photo which just made me think of her and the type of caption I could write with just that little visual snippet.

Yeah, I pretty much wrote a porn script. It works though, as it was just what the whole gestalt of the caption needed. There are horny protagonists, deception, and cheating with multiple partners. It is also a bit far-fetched, as most porno's are, but dammit if we don't want this to happen in real life, as whichever character you wish to be!

I am also pretty proud of the first and last paragraph, that bookend the story and wrap up the action of the caption, and lead to the next chapter, whatever that might be!

Hope you enjoyed Leeanne!


So glad to be back home. I did get to go swimming at the hotel (a trip to Walmart and a 5 dollar swimsuit helped me do that!) and on the way home I hit a few music and thrift stores that had a ton of vinyl records and vintage musical equipment. I behaved and only spent 40 bucks, but it was a good way to end a weekend .. and back to my regular work now! Gah!

So, have I missed anything important around here? Oh yeah! Tonight is the deadline for the DIY Challenge! Get moving people! It's spicy redhead month .. how COULD you go wrong?!?


  1. I could watch the adorable Leeanne put on a show like that for hours!!!! I think you really nailed it...just like Toby I guess!!!


    1. Always happy to put on a show for you sweetie.



  2. I know it isn't ladylike to use vulgar language, but "Fuck me!" I love this! And so many levels. First, I love the song and video for Stacy's Mom. Second, I have a huge craving for bbc. And then, last, I have to admit that I am a bit of a slut and I kind of get off on the fact that Dee (and apparently others) are so aware of that detail.

    Thank you Dee for one of (if not the number one) my favorite caps ever done for me.