Monday, August 3, 2015

Erin Is a Lover, Not a Fighter .. and Four Thousand Comments!

Another kick-ass milestone! And a 3 panel caption to go with it!

Made this for Erin from the Haven, and also the purveyor of Erin's Lustful Thoughts blog.  Found a set which seemed to want to be more than one panel, and set itself up nicely for three, which let the dialog breathe a bit too. Definitely not cramped for space now, right?

So, do I have any new reflections that I haven't had since the last milestone this blog has reached? Not any mind-blowing epiphanies or therein. Still just so honored that with all the options people have for TG captions, I have MANY people who pop in to lurk, and a number of people who do take the time to comment, hence us reaching this, in my opinion momentous occasion, the 4k comment, which was made by Helena!

This probably is my favorite milestone, because page hits are an good indicator that people enjoy what I do. But the 4000 comments mean that they like either the captions enough, or are interested in what I have to say, that they feel the need to click on the REPLY button and say something.

We have had many different commenters, and pretty much everyone from the very beginning are no longer around like Meridon, Nadine, Sasha, and Petra. Caitlyn/Calvin and Simone are probably the longest running commenters, coming in within a few months of the start here at the end 2010. It is so much fun to engage with readers, captioners, and bloggers, and I am also indebted to those cuckold and sissy friends I now have that have helped me to expand my mind as to what topics I can use to expand my story lines. Those real life exploits can influence and cajole thoughts I wouldn't have ever pondered without their appearances here in the comment section.

I know it will be awhile before we hit 5k, because comments have slowed down somewhat over the years, but the fact that most of them are still quality is very heartwarming. I plan to be here for that milestone, and whatever comes next. As Buzz Lightyear would say, "To infinity .. and beyond!"

Put your dirty angel face, between my legs and knicker lace!


  1. I am a indeed a lover <3 thank you Dee and congratulations on your commenting milestone!!!

  2. Lovely cap, looks like Mark is going to learn about dicipline.
    Glad to oblige with the commenting.

  3. You get the comments because you engage your readers in the process. You share your thoughts about what you do and why. And you listen and respond to those who comment. All these things are why you have 4k in comments.