Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Jennifer .. Thoroughly Fucked Hard!

Pride CUMS before a fall!

Made this one for Jennifer, as you can see in the title up above! Miss her, and hope she does pop back here and becomes a regular contributor to our TG community again, but had quite a bit of a hard time over these last few years, dealing with some stuff in RL and computer issues as well. I just hope that things are better and that she gets to smile more than she had a few years ago.

The idea behind this caption is just how heavily made-up and perfectly coiffed most of the female porn stars are now when you watch an x rated video. I'm sure most people have seen at least one of those buzz-feed type,  click bait inducing "10 celebrities without makeup!" or "Porn Stars looking normal!" posts, and you say, "damn, I know a bunch of women that are prettier than that!" Well, you are right in that assumption, but most of those women don't show off their naughty bits for money! I would say that their lifestyle doesn't help embellish their natural beauty too much.

That is the one thing that I don't like about the adult film/magazine industry .. that they can give guys an unrealistic view about women in general, and as sex partners as a whole. In the last few years, there have been many strides made by women, but still, 80-90 percent of porn is still made to perpetuate men's sexual fantasies. And that is all well and good when you realize it IS a fantasy. Just like in a real relationship though, sex is something shared by two (or more!) people and it can be just as much of a compromise as anything else, and that give and take is what makes it so special.\

To me, there is nothing sexier than that unkempt, freshly fucked look after you drove her nuts and she is almost hyperventilating with passion. Makeup smeared, body scratches, sweat glistening off her tits, hard prints on her ass and she is ready for a nap, but can't because the sheets are completely fucked off the bed. Damn, this is getting me horny!

Where was I? Oh yeah, thanks for the comments on the last post. Surprised I didn't get more, but perhaps the caption photo scared some people off. I made it after I wrote up the post, and didn't want to just leave it as text-only. I don't consider it an actual caption, but more of a graphic marker to get people to come inside and read what I had to say.

Stan Freberg passed away today at the age of 88. He was a great comedic mind, hosting a radio show in the 50's and then ended up influencing much of Madison Avenue in the field of advertising. He influenced many entertainers, including Weird Al. Search out his routines on Youtube.


  1. Loved this cap Dee! Especially the bowling team line. As soon as I read it I was thinking you were gonna slip in a Big Lewbowski joke. Lol! No body fucks with the Jesus. But you know, that's just my opinion man.
    But regardless the cap came out great. :)

    xoxoxo Katie

    1. Well, I can't put EVERYTHING into each caption. It'd be a HUGE file!

      The bowling line came about mostly because I didn't want a one note caption, and in this case, I can have the ending tie in nicely with the beginning.

  2. A fun caption . expect he hoprs Dee makes no more bets though he didnt seem that bothered.
    y es porn is 90% for men but what porn is for women is the same (yes i have seen some) all ripped guys with huge dicks so fantacy to. Its not just in porn TV film adverts books all dress things up. i guess your point is that we expect these things in real life, i don't think that is nessaraly wrong but does lead to lots of disapointment.
    And the angnst of life.

    1. You might've been something more like gay porn ;)

      What I meant was that, especially in xxx movies, if it's made for guys, there is usually about 4 minutes of plot and the rest is fucking. If there is scenery, it's lackluster at best.

      In porn designed for women, or to be watched by couples, the sex scenes are usually more plot driven, and women are usually somewhat monogamous, at least by the end of the movie. Yes, they could be muscled and big dicked, but they also know what they want, and that is the heroine, and he pushes all her buttons before she submits to him, or they form a great team/relationship, or he was such a special lover, she'll remember him long after he's gone off to raid pirate ships or what have you.

      Yes though, it is about what is fantasy and what is true life. Myself, and most often the women I've been with, find pussy farts (or queebling or whatever you want to call it) during sex incredibly funny. Its actually stopped me in the act a few times. I don't think you'll see that in a porno unless its supposed to be a blooper film or they only had time to film for 15 minutes. Definitely not real life!

  3. well it was man on woman and it was a lady that showed it to me. think he had a tractor not a pirate ship. but you are right not just the shagging in it. no never seen a pussy fart in a movie or the condom that just won't flush away.